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  • Swan Song
    212 39 6

    Sophie Foster is getting desperate. Keefe is in a coma. Forgotten secrets are being revealed. Love triangles need sorting out. And she never knows when the Neverseen are going to strike. Can Sophie handle everything, or will this be her swan song? (My version of KOTLC book nine. Please read!)

  • Stephanie Foster
    763 107 24

    Once The Neverseen were defeated and and she solved the love triangle, Sophie thought she could actually have a happy life with Keefe at her side. They were married and had a daughter, Stephanie Foster. But the distraction was just what a new enemy needed, now after twenty-five years of peace Sophie must protect her f...

  • A Forgotten Shadow
    383 34 5

    After Tam suffers from a "Terrible Accident", he was unconscious for a week. And in that time he lost all his memories from the past year, and doesn't remember himself as everyone else does. He asks what happened to make him this way but all they ever say is, a "Terrible Accident" he refuses to start from scratch, and...

  • Keeper of the lost cities (choose your own adventure)
    396 2 8

    Go to Foxfire and make friends as you figure out your special ability! Level 2

  • Why Fitzphie should NOT be a thing
    365 34 2

    Everything is in the title. Made for Sokeefe shippers, not to trigger Fitzphie ones.

  • Keeper One Shots
    221 12 8

    Cute Keeper of the Lost Cities One shots.