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  • Noticed {Demon X Reader}
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    When A creature of the night follows you home, it soon turns desperate to get your attention. What would a shadow demon want to do with you, a normal human? (Tilvon is my OC, please do not claim him)

  • Cipher Ghost AU
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    》Cipher Ghost AU《 WARNING: this is MY AU if You Use This In Any Shape or form please ask and Credit! òwó Enjoy

  • Bill Ciphers Īň§þÅğŔæM
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    "eenie meenie miny ÝØŪ" (no Art is Mine)

  • Virgil Sanders Instagram
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    (Based off Human AU and More As Well as Headcanon's) "...Hello...I'm Anxiety...Or Virgil...Leave me Alone"

  • Dipper Gleeful's instagram
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    (REVERSE FALLS) "Welcome! my Name is Dipper Gleeful! and its a Pleasure To Meet You!...Now Go Away" ●All Rights Go to Their owners, i do not own the Art used●

  • Chat Noir's Instagram
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    chat noir's ring blinked and he changed back. " A-Adrien?! "

  • Portal 2 x Female!Reader : Welcome to Aperture Science
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    You, the reader, were doing your usual routine. Until a day, something is going to change your life. The plot will be different from the original and, warning, spoilers. Portal 2 belongs to it's original creators.

  • Artificial mother (portal x child reader)
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    Y/n was a small child, at the young age of six they were found by cave Jonson, unknown to y/n he placed them in a "relaxation " pod. Many years later you finally wake. In this terrifying future, they will meet their new family. A test obsessed machine. A silent survivor. And maybe a few singing turrets

  • Undertale X Reader - Hiatus
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    One shots (or parts) with Undertale characters! Cause LIFE! No media belongs to me unless specifically said ITS ON HIATUS CAUSE ZILCH MOTIVATION ;-;

  • Μaxine Caulfield's Instagram
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    Max blushed and waved, " hello. "

  • ~ Chloe Elizabeth Price ~
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    " are you? "

  • ζ€ξ Chloe Price's Instagram ζ€ξ
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    This is My (Chloe Price) instagram

  • "Your Vampire" (Vampire OC x Reader)
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    BEFORE you go accusing me of stealing from @/thedynastycosplays on tik tok, THAT IS MY ACCOUNT. Please enjoy because this is where the rest of the story is going to be, not on tik tok.

  • Cradles
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    My name is Alice Greek, this is my story, not just from my perspective but also from the perspective of... This is a story of monsters and fairies, angels and demons, vampires and werewolves. A story that you might see in a child's fairy-tale book, but this isn't the type of fairy-tale you might expect. There is no ha...

  • *Requests being taken* BNHA ship scenarios
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    Basically, the title. Probably will mostly include the following: BakuDeku TodoDeku TodoBaku KamiSero BakuShima TodoBakuDeku And I also might do some x readers if I get enough reads and votes.

  • Immortal 2
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    same as last time

    Completed   Mature
  • a little lonely (max x reader)
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    Turns out you're going to a summer camp. Not that you want to. You would rather stay in bed but, your parents seem to be worried about your 'social skills' so camp it is! Making friends have never been easy for you. It's not that you're shy or anything. Just that no one seems to want to be friends with. But one boy se...

  • "Lies" - Max x Reader - COMPLETED
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    "Just tell me the truth, and no, not the 'truth' Max, I mean the REAL truth! I'm sick and tired of all of your lies!" - The art cover is not mine, credits to the artist. - Achievements (Thank you guys so much!) 15 in #campcamp (july 25th 2019) 6 in #campcamp (august 9th 2019) 5 in #campcamp (august 12th 2019) 4 in #c...

  • At last we are together? (Camp camp Max x Reader)
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    When you find out that your parents a sending you to som shitty camp you freak out. But that soon changes when you meet a boy with a bad attitude. Do you think he will feel the same way? Or will he just ignore you? Can you get to his soft side in time? All you have to do is keep your fingers crossed and read All chara...

  • Tsundere || camp camp max X reader
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    ⚠️ OLD AND DISCONTINUED ⚠️ ok so this is very old... i was 13, my writing was garbage and i hate it... i keep it in here to keep track of my progress but i mean if u still want to read it go ahead (please don't) 👇🏻👇🏻 Y/n is a teenager going to her first summer camp, at Camp Campbell! She makes friends with some w...

  • ıllıllı ΞLΞCΓЯIFУIИG ıllıllı
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    • Starters • Headcannons • Information

  • Villain kaminari Instagram
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    This is my first one so sorry if it sucks and the role plays open to anyone. smut is allowed Some chapters may include * depression/ attempted suicide *AU's *smut *cutting *cute *cussing * different ships

  • Ask and Dare My Yo-kai OCs!
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    A remake of an ask book of mine. Why a remake? Too much cringe in that book. So, now it's been remade and renewed! Ask my OCs anything! Dare them to!

  • immortal
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    Completed   Mature
  • Bakugo's Instagram
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    "Those fuckin extras told me I should do this.."

  • Logan's Yokai-A-Day Book
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    Here, I talk about one yokai every day! Yokai are creatures made up by Japanese people! They can take the forms of spirits, monsters, or even demons! The kanji for them is made up of the words "bewitching, calamity, attractive", as well as "specter, apparition, mystery, and mysterious".

  • 💟 Shinsou's Instagram 2 💟
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    -mindcontrolled has updated their profile

  • My Older Ghost Brother
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    Katie never really got to know her brother, he sadly died when she was only two. Katie hasn't understood anything that began happening, from spooky breathing in her ear, to a miracle happening in a crash. Maybe... Marcus is still here?