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  • Mogeko x Reader
    92.9K 1.8K 36


  • A Champion's Time (Leon x Reader x Raihan)
    141K 3.8K 41

    Y/N stepped into the region of Galar, excited to have a second chance at life. She encounters the famous champion on her way to the train station, and the two quickly show interest in one another. Mainly Leon x Reader because I'm crushing on the champpp. XD I own no pictures. All pictures go to their respectful owners...

  • If Love Were Real (Law X Reader)
    59.8K 1.8K 16

    Just another love story between reader-chan and Trafalgar Law. I do not own any characters from one piece or pictures used. Reader-chan is a free spirited individual and I do not own you either.

  • Wait for me {One Piece X Reader} ✓
    144K 4.6K 32

    | SLOWLY EDITING | | THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN RELEASED: Prologue + Chapters 1-6) This book has a few grammatical errors but read if you please. It is said to be fast paced so I apologize in advance if that bothers anyone. » Highest rank || #1 on OnePieceXReader Hot List « ---- » "I'm not going to help anyone else." I say...

  • Ninjago: Sister Senarios
    286K 7.1K 183

    💛REQUESTS ARE WELCOME!💛 Your are the little sister of the ninja!! After not seeing them for years, you find out you have powers, and they take you in and care for you. In this story you start out at 15 years old. (200 FOLLOWERS BOOK!) Ranked #3 in Nya 5/11/18 #2 in bsm 5/25/18 #27 in Ninj...

  • The Enchanted DVD Player (Ninjago Fanfiction)
    60.2K 2.3K 30

    Y/n is transported to the world of Ninjago after discovering a magical DVD player in the attic. When she arrives, Y/n realizes she has elemental powers, and the ninja want to recruit her. Will y/n decide to stay and protect Ninjago, or will she return home? (Lloyd x female reader) Started: August 2019 Completed: Sept...

  • Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios
    665K 21K 206

    Ninjas x readers. If you want, send me requests for scenarios :) *COMPLETED*

  • Quiet ♧♧Graphic Shop Three (CLOSED)
    3.5K 340 27

    The third shop in Voiceless graphic series. Batch Five is now closed. Disclaimer: I don't not own any of the art I use in my graphics. Credit goes to respective artists.

  • BabyGirl(in Process)
    24.3K 412 6

    None of the pictures I use in this story are mine, found on Pinterest. Natsu Dragneel is a mafia boss he is the most dangerous teenager in Magnolia.. What happens when On an ordinary day when Natsu is surrounded by fangirls when he geets a welcome suprised visit.Join Natsu and that suprise visitor on a journey with lo...

  • Diabolik Lovers Ayato x Reader
    116K 3.1K 29

    A new sacrificial bride arrives in the Sakamaki manor. Yui felt happy to have a new friend but also sad that someone fell in the trap, the same way she did. No one knew anything about the girl, but certainly, they we're surprised at her personality. Despite her natural beauty and curvy body, a certain boy was attracte...

  • How we meet (Ayato x Reader)
    30.9K 470 22

    COMPLETED! [ Book 1 ] You are (y/n) ,(y/a) years old today you will be living with the Sakamaki family because your father is very busy he decides that you will live with them to have some "company" what will await you behind those doors? A/N: Hiiii!!!!! guys this is my first time publishing a book so i hope you will...

  • How I met you (Ayato Sakamaki x reader) DISCOUNTINUED
    11.8K 218 17

    You had the whole collection of Ayato Sakamaki.The only thing you can dream of was to meet him.Your best friend had a crush on Shu Sakamaki.One night something strange happened..... (I do not own Diabolik Lovers!!!)

  • His beloved bride (Ayato x reader)
    10.7K 213 21

    [ Book 2 ] Hello my Takoyakies! And here it is the next book of "How we meet (Ayato x reader)". If any of you haven't read my 1st book them you guys will get very confused in this book. Y/N is now a half breed Vampire,She is living with the Sakamaki's with her lover Ayato. Ofcourse both of them are happy with each oth...

  • Ayato x reader
    43.5K 1.3K 27

    Your a girl who is an honor student and the teacher got tired of Ayato's slacking off so she set you up to help him with his homework but something more happened later on p.s first story so yeah

  • Ice Cold Love (Ayato x reader)
    172K 4.6K 30

    (Y/n) is a teenage girl with special powers, ice/snow to be exact. She gets sent to the Sakamaki mansion and her friend Saee decided to go along too. What happens when she falls in love with a certain red-haired vampire? *Edited book

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenarios
    165K 4.1K 27

    [Yu-Gi-Oh] [Various! x Reader] [All Seasons] Enjoy! I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any characters. [Requests are CLOSED, only reader inserts] [e/c, eye color] [___ or [Y/N], your name] [h/c, hair color] [s/c, skin color] [w/h, writing hand] [w/s, work or school]

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenarios
    128K 2.2K 18

    ❤ So, your name is (Y/N) (L/N). ❤ You are wonderful girl who have boyfriend! But, what boyfriend? Don't worry, on the list, you can choice! Like: ♦ Yugi Muto ♦ Yami Yugi ♦ Seto Kaiba ♦ Ryo Bakura ♦ Joey Wheeler ♦ Jaden Yuki ♦ Yusei Fudo ♦ Jack Atlas ♦ Crow Hogan ❤ I'll also added more and more cuties!! Just type...

  • Yugioh Boyfriend Scenarios (Requests are closed)
    17.3K 357 16

    My second Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction and my third book! Enjoy! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or anything else besides my story ideas, obviously. (1/24/2019) I am going to be writing again soon my boizzz. See you then! TALK TO ME I'M A LONELY BOI (2/18/2019) Requests are still closed. I have taken a few requests already, so please don...

  • Atem X Reader ( The Pharaoh And The Slave)
    66.8K 1.5K 12

    You are thrown back in time for a purpose..... all is confusing until you gaze upon the prince Atem... and your story begins. (again i'm bad at intros! bare with me! ^-^)

  • Yugi Muto x Reader
    110K 2.7K 39

    Winner of the Yugi Muto main category and placed third in the best dueling scene category of the Yu-Gi-Oh Wattys! This is a story about the main character of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, Yugi Muto. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or the characters of the series. I only own the plot and the fictional cards mentioned in the stor...

  • Yugioh X Reader
    57.4K 968 36

    Alright so my younger sister wanted me to make a Yugioh X reader because she thought it would be fun. Just letting y'all know that I don't own Yugioh and that all of these X reader scenarios are totally clean and innocent! Well... Mostly.. Like 95% but ANYWAY, :3 So, with that out of the way, hope you guys enjoy. This...

  • She's Dating A Gangster (Nalu)
    55.9K 1.3K 14

    Lucy Heartifilia Is a New College Student in Fairy Tail University, And there She met Natsu Dragneel a Gangster. Lucy Hates Natsu, While Natsu likes Any Girl who hates him, Natsu Found Lucy interesting And threathened Her to be his Girlfriend. Will Lucy say Yes? If She Said Yes,Why? Find out the Story! A|N:I don't Own...

  • Nalu: The Pirate Princess (completed)
    303K 8.4K 42

    Lucy Heartfilia is a runaway princess. She's captured by Blue Pegasus when she's rescued by the pirate crew known as fairytail. Where will these strange yet exciting people take her on her life? (Inspired by infinite_midnight's story 'Nalu Pirates' go check it out...also....I OWN NOTHING ALL RIGHTS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE...

  • Vampire Night
    22.4K 404 5

    Lucy, Levy, Erza, Juvia, Mira, and Wendy ; Six girls who grew up in orphanage, move to a new house in Magnolia. Natsu, Gajeel, Jellal, Gray, Laxus, and Romeo ; Six rich vampires who live out of the city, only go to Magnolia for school. What will happen when vampires come out at night? I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL -🍋(you...

  • Slayer Mating Season
    82.2K 1.4K 13

    Dragon slayer mating season? More like Devil, God, and Dragon slayer mating season. But what happened why Levy chants something she couldn't understand? Now it's not just slayer mating season, bu- Read to find out HIRO MASHIMA OWNS FAIRYTAIL AND THE CHARACTERS

  • The Howl (Natsu x Reader)
    460 27 7

    (Y/n) And her friends Lucy, Shiro, Erza, Levy, Wendy, and Juvia go to a Hotel cabin for (Y/n)'s father who wants them to go there to fix it up. But what happens when there's a pack of werewolves waiting for them... What will happen? Will secrets be revealed! Find out on The Howl. ~Keys~ (Y/n): Your name (L/n): Las...

  • Nalu - E.N.D's
    78.4K 1.3K 21

    This story is after the tartaros battle Zeref opens the book of E.N.D and fairy Tail don't know how to fight the person who has possessed Natsu's body what shall happen?

  • Book Covers For Everyone 3 (OPEN)
    3.4K 536 66

    Welcome to the third book - Book Covers for Everyone 3. I'm taking requests and making book covers. If you are looking for a well-made request, which will bring more readers to your story, leave your request here and wait for it. The time, spend on waiting is worth its prize. My book covers are interesting and amazin...