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  • Parallel Universe
    138 35 16

    Meet 24 year old Judy Parker, a Christian girl, who is cheerful and so full of life. She is acquiring her dream career in law, with the support of her family and 17 year old sister Anna. Meet Aaliyan Farooq, a devoted Muslim, the apple of everybody's eyes. He is a self made man and runs a well known firm in London. He...

  • Kahi Ankahi
    59.9K 4.1K 49

    "Waise bhi humein unse shaadi karni chahiye jinse hum pyaar karte hain." "Aur agar woh kisi aur se pyaar karte hain toh?" . . . Ranked #1 in Short Story many times (most recently on 17/06/17) © rashkeqalam. All rights reserved.

  • Coming back to you
    1.2K 203 11

    "You?" "Not again" "How on earth you thought that i'll marry you?" "Actually you were the one to think that i'll marry you" "I can't be with you for a second" "You love challenges? Now do this for lifetime" There was fire in her eyes the kind of fire he wanted to get burnt in,She came close to him knowing that h...

  • Chiragh Taley Sawera
    788 118 5

    'Are you sure tum ye shadi chor ke bhaagna chahti ho.' ' maine aaj tak apne decisions double check nahi kiye, you know that. ' But he freaking loves you, mohabbat karta hai tumse.' ' BHAAR MEIN JAYE YE MOHABBAT.' Story in Roman Urdu 💓

  • The Unsaid [Complete]
    1.2K 150 1

    Araiz Mustafa, Iman Khawar and so much unsaid yet said in between

  • Hiraeth
    973 189 3

    Hiraeth, A homesickness for a home you can't go back to, or one that never was there in first place. Zayed, Eraj and their home in each other's heart. Broken. Still intact. Shaken. Still steady. There. Still not there.

  • Taqdeer
    154 33 1

    Har insaan ka sath nahi deti taqdeer, kuch ko khud he banana parta hai apna naseeb. ____________________________________ Yahi daastan hai Zindagi ki, kuch urtay hain hawaon main or kuch ka thikana zameen par bhi nahi hota. ____________________________________ It's one-shot writing and the main theme gives an idea that...

  • Zindagi Ke Khel |Completed|
    6.2K 619 18

    "Kya apko Abdullah Zulfiqar se nikkah qubool hai?" "Qubool hai" "Wo beshak chand ho ya usper laga grehan mein phir bhi usey muhabbat karoon gi" "Mein burey kaam karne wala acha insaan ho" "Kab tak qaid kar ke rakho gey mujhey?" "Tumarey begair aur jaoun ga bhi kaha?" Zindagi inkey sath bohat se khel kheley gi aur naja...

  • Tu Shab Main Subha
    3.2K 479 17

    there comes a time when you meet someone and all you want to do is make them happy for the rest of your life But life has its own plan for you. Sometimes it's best to just let go and let things happen.

  • Bowled Over By The Broken
    1.2M 127K 65

    No matter how close you are to them, there are certain things you just don't say. No matter how lonely you feel, there are certain people you just don't befriend. No matter how much you've fallen, there's always a guy you shouldn't give your heart to... Sadly for me, I learnt the last one only after I had gotten my h...

  • An Enigma Called Love
    1.2K 194 16

    Life is way too short, it gives you only one chance to acknowledge what it's offering. If you don't do it on time, it'll take everything from you and leave you crying, wanting it back. The life story of two souls in love, not realizing it until its too late. Will they get their happy ending? Will they easy to fac...

  • Unruffled Faith(ISLAMIC STORY)✔
    3.9K 691 27

    Meet Mahir Hassan. Apparently he has everything, from looks to brain. There's still something missing in his life. What will happen when he meets another person of his age but different thoughts? What will that person teach him which will finally illuminate his heart? Will we see a bond forming? . . . Yahya Ahmad. Des...

  • I'll Love You Longer Than Forever
    40.6K 2.5K 99

    DMG AU. What if Riddhima hadn't given into Shashank and refused to marry Sid in s2? This is what happens when Armaan comes back home and his Basket is still Riddhima Gupta and not Mrs. Riddhima Modi.

  • Love & Chaos.
    1.6K 182 5

    Zymal & Aamish: One could not take any decision in his life without involving his elders & the other one could not imagine anyone else taking her life decisions! This battle will be about bad & good. Wrong & right. Two young lovers fighting against everything for their love!

  • Saza
    264 34 1

    you see a beautiful girl sitting alone i see a tortured soul dealing with everything on her own i see a girl haunted by her past.

  • The Distance Between Us
    9.8K 531 44

    DMG S2 AU When Riddhima said that she needed to choose her responsibility and save her marriage with Sid rather than choose her happiness with Armaan, he left. It wasn't that he left because he was heartbroken (even though he was) and it wasn't because he hated Sid for ruining everything (even though he kind of did)...

  • Afloat [Complete]
    12K 1.4K 10

    Waniya Moeez and Ahmer Ahsan have had the love story everyone terms as goals. Nothing has ever been difficult for them in this love. But when they thought they have had it all, a storm breaks through ensuing chaos everywhere. The hands are slipped away in such a away that everything's sunk but still it is afloat. The...

  • The Pieces Of My Heart [Completed]
    17K 1.8K 32

    Relationships can either make you or break you but what about a relationship that does both? What about love that has the power to break hearts and the hate that could make hearts? The story of two people busy in their own separate worlds will once realise that their life completes with each other but both didn't know...

  • Baazi - Ishq Di [COMPLETED]
    44.3K 3.5K 44

    "yeh Nikkah deal hai yaad rahey?" "Farz karo iss baazi mein dono ya koi ek haar gya toh! " "Game over !" _____________________ "Tumhey kia ho gya hai Safoorah?" "Koi meri Rooh le gya hai!" Woh baiawaaz aansu baha rahi thi. _____________________ "Tum zindagi ko itna seriously kyoun leti ho?" "Tum nai letey?" "Nai...

  • Allegiance And Adoration: 1947 | Wattys 2018
    664 162 24

    ● 2nd place in The Goddess Awards ● In August 1947, the British left the Indian subcontinent and the country was divided into 2 parts : Pakistan and India. The story of this partition is incredible and unbelievable but it happened, just like many other unbelievable things that happen in this world. 1947 is the year wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • And we found us [Completed]
    11.3K 1.2K 31

    Inaya was 13 years old when she moved to the United Kingsom with her family. A kind-hearted, honest and a compassionate girl, who wants to become an aspiring writer.