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  • Wicked Love | ✓ (#featured)
    283K 15.8K 26

    #featured #1 in The Paper Plane Awards #15 in Fantasy #46 in Supernatural "What do you think you're doing?" "You seemed cold," he replied, voice sultry, alluring and tempting her far beyond what she thought she could endure. "I thought to help. That's all." He ran his finger from her neck to her shoulder and she gaspe...

  • Metal Birds
    5.1K 451 71

    ☆Highest Rating: #103 in HF!☆ A Retelling of WWII... with a twist. Principalities. Winged beings who have been bound to a people, a place, a culture and country from the moment their eyes opened to this earth, and doomed to fall with it. They feel the toils of war, and hear the words of all leadership...

  • The Marvels of Prairie Creek
    83.1K 7.3K 52

    ***WATTPAD FEATURED Nov 2017*** Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a truck stop just before Christmas, Jane Johnson has few options. So when rescue comes in the form of three Kentucky hillbilly brothers--two of them mute--she reluctantly accepts. When they hire her to paint a dilapidated nineteenth-century hotel i...

  • Dìlseachd - A Stolen Crown [Excerpt only] | NOW A PUBLISHED NOVEL
    48.6K 1.2K 14

    Princess of the Highlands Trilogy Book 1 ~~~ A TIME OF DARKNESS Six years since the Danes invaded Scotland, slaying her finest men. Five since the Highland King married one of the enemy, betraying his countrymen and losing the Lowlanders' support. Three since the king died and the Danes imprisoned the remaining bloo...

  • #youlikeit - BLACKBIRD book 1
    82.9K 7.2K 95

    +18 - FEATURED - #1 Thriller A unique city. A unique police team led by a unique woman. And an uptight fed set on a collision course. Declan Brockner is a sullen FBI agent. Once an outstanding profiler, now fallen from grace and office, his past is a heavy yoke that refuses to let go. But things won't stay th...

  • Magika [Completed]
    88.4K 8.2K 39

    [Watty's 2017 Shortlisted] Every cape needs a magician, and every magician a cape. That's what Aldeheid was told. A cape killer, an exiled Prince. That's what Aldeheid had become. After being banished from his home at the Etheria Bastion, Aldeheid finds himself homeless and hopeless. But a chance encounter with the my...

    657K 59.6K 123

    ❛WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MAKE THE TEN MOST POWERFUL GODS ALIVE PLAY A GAME OF MUSICAL CHAIRS WITH ONE SEAT?❜ They fight - to the death. They fight over three crowns and a throne with steel spiked maces. They despair a little more everyday keeping their vows. They wander in hospitals to find a cure for their torn hearts...

  • Paying For It
    129K 341 3

    Now on Amazon and other retailers Two men. Two women. Two couples. Too many secrets. Axel I can have any woman I want, except for the one who has broken my heart more than once. Jameson When I fall, I fall hard. The woman I yearn for can't be mine, and if even she could be, she would never accept my secret. Shondra Bi...

  • Keeping A Straight Face | ✔
    442K 20K 38

    Taylor Ferguson & Darko Ulyanov, two closeted best friends with unrequited feelings for each other, decide to come clean before high school ends. With problems in either person's lives, will coming out be as easy as they think? ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ♫ A Wattpad Featured Story (2018) ♫ The Wattys™ Longlisted (2018) ♫ Winner...

  • Spandex Is Mandatory
    673K 17 1

    "Great power comes with great..." I raised my eyebrows at Guardian, looking his skin-tight suit up and down. "Urges to wear spandex, apparently." "Are you using altered famous superhero comic book references to insult me?" he asked incredulously. I snorted. "You bet your fucking ass, I am." *** Crown City has all the...

  • Stormbringer: King
    12.4K 1.1K 26

    "Family is an eternal treasure--" Xenor Avalon was the firstborn of the king of Argon. Storm Avalon was the second. They were brothers--constantly bickering and fighting, yet they still loved each other. They shared a special bond together, a bond no one else had in their family. But as time passed and the day they b...

  • Silver Blades: Prize Fight
    4.3K 589 19

    After a century of contending with Pertuli's dogged silence, Riposte Clasicant has at last won the only clue in a mystery that weighs heavily on his heart. Will his satisfaction survive a lethal encounter with a mysterious woman from his past? In Silver Blades novellas, we follow the adventures...

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ✓
    3.7K 639 46

    Who is the biggest liar of them all? Marked COMPLETE on 30/06/2018 ❛❛A shattered mirror can be deceptive.❜❜ It all started with a cracked mirror. Everything changed with a coincidence. A mirror can't lie, that's what the onlooker thinks. But don't forget, the reflection is just the opposite of the truth. Detective Lee...

  • The Model's Stylist
    6.2K 622 33

    "You wanna know?" She rolled over on the couch to better meet his challenging gaze, "You really wanna know?" A minute passed between them with Hale's gaze not wavering from hers, while she finished off her slice. "Fine!" She relented and threw the crust into the box, and Hale smiled victoriously. __________ When a br...

  • Arabella Park: Season 1
    13.7K 298 4

    [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY/highest ranking: #30 Mystery/Thriller] For fans of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER! Everyone knows that losing friends is a natural part of the high school experience. Yet, what happens when a friend doesn't intentionally "go ghost" but is abruptly taken away? K...

  • The Life Of A Quarter
    1.6K 469 11

    "I was minted in 2001. This is my journey. Throughout the years I've seen a lot of things, been a part of many stories. Being a quarter, I'm never in the same place for very long. I've swapped hands so many times I've lost count. Countless lemonade stands, vending machines, and candy dispensers. You'd be surprised at...

  • Her Fated Haunting (Mad Protector Series #2)
    220K 11.1K 17

    Story completely independent of 'Her Cursed Monster' She was a demon's sacrifice, but to him she became more. Born with a limp and stuck in the orphanage, Elyse is more than acquainted with the fact that life is challenging. Her tormentors seem determined to never let her forget that. However, after a demon summoning...

  • Chosen
    2.4K 331 15

    1st Place in TPPA!!! 3rd Place in the Sanguine Awards!!! Lillian Hartman knew nothing but the torture of a man that her mother thought she loved. Finally breaking free; she meets someone who knows more about her than she, herself does. Lillian is thrown into the unnatural world, Cayden free-falling into her life. A ma...