Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ✓

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ✓

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Who is the biggest liar of them all?

Marked COMPLETE on 30/06/2018

❛❛A shattered mirror can be deceptive.❜❜

It all started with a cracked mirror.
Everything changed with a coincidence.

A mirror can't lie, that's what the onlooker thinks. But don't forget, the reflection is just the opposite of the truth.

Detective Lee Sanchez of the police department of a small town called Roxlow has had a boring life. He yearns for more adventurous and daring cases which are absent in his town.

When a historical artifact collector files a complaint of forced entry and gun-firing on his beloved antique mirror, Detective Sanchez steps in to save the day. He thinks it's one of the usual boring cases until the mirror starts to unravel its mysteries. 

Sanchez's powers of detection and instincts are put to test. Times come when he has to listen to his heart and guts before taking a step. The mirror forces him to face the past and deduce the future. 

It's up to Sanchez and his junior, Sergeant David Clark to see past the illusion and identify the right and the wrong. What secrets does a shattered mirror hold?

Highest ranking: #30 in Mystery/Thriller

3rd Place Winner in The Paper Plane Awards by @Spedzer

#19 in #novella on 05/06/2018

Cover by @Abyss-of-Crazy

                       • Note •
A novella and my first on Wattpad. I do not hope to get many views, comments, and votes but I'll try to give it my best. Do drop in a comment or hit the vote star if you like it.
Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

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MatthewJC MatthewJC Jun 07, 2018
If you like police themed stories, you should check out my story The Traveler.
The first one was the best, but I guess I'm a little late. Lol!
Sparkler8 Sparkler8 Jul 09, 2018
Just love this banner. The background and font match very well.