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  • My Teacher & I
    253K 6.3K 15

    Completed   Mature
  • teacher/student one shots
    108K 740 8

    Teacher/Student having mind blowing sex! Lots and lots of sex. Each chapter will have boyxboy sex. Sex.

    Completed   Mature
  • Teacher's Boyfriend (BXB) (TeacherxStudent) ✔️
    99.4K 3.4K 27

    He never really had any normal relationships, but this one was the most infuriating. After a series of events leads 16-year-old Sam Vayze to live with his English teacher, Ian Ressaw, he finds himself in a passionate, steamy, and confusing relationship with the man. But when secrets dictate every aspect of their rela...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teaching At An All Boys School
    19.7M 780K 45

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Coral Stewart is a nerdy seventeen year old girl who is way too smart for her own good. She has already graduated and has been hired at St Martin's, an all boys school. The only problem with this is that she has to attempt to teach four boys History - and trust me when I say t...

  • He's My Mate! (Student/Teacher) [Sample] - [On Amazon]
    12.9M 250K 49

    Jonathan Garner, ordinary high school Chemistry teacher, is engaged to be married to the love of his life, Julia. Life for the couple is as blissful as they had hoped it would be, until the mysterious Charlene Craig and her mother arrive in town. Jonathan finds himself drawn to Charlene in ways he fails to decipher...

  • Don't Let Go (A Student/Teacher Relationship)
    7.6M 115K 47

    Riley had always been the responsible one; she looks after her younger siblings, she doesn't drink, she does everything by the book. But this summer she changed, her parents are around even less now and she's sick of being the goody-goody nerd. So she changes everything; her look, her style, even her attitude. But she...

  • They can't stop us (student/teacher)
    42.9K 1.1K 16

    What do you do when you can't tell the man that you're madly in love with how you truly feel. And what do you do when that man is your English teacher? Kate is in this same predicament and has been for 3 years. Her school years are rapidly coming to an end. Will Kate confess how she really feels, or has her fantasy go...

  • The Girl Next door (Student/teacher)
    146K 4.2K 33

    From the time they were young, Alice Owens and Sam Canter have been attached at the hip. As they grow up and mature, they develop feelings for one another. There is just one problem...he becomes her teacher! Follow Alice and Sam's journey of love through her best-selling journal.

    Completed   Mature
  • I Have You (teacher x student) | ✔️
    146K 2.9K 19

    A 17 yr old and a 5 yr old girl lost everything a normal human usually have. They were on a long journey to find a place to stay. A man volenteered for them to stay at his place. Once they accepted, do you think their life will be back to normal? Try reading this story without having a Nast mind. Up for the challenge?

  • I've Always Been The Teacher's Pet (student/ teacher)
    3.2M 61.4K 33

    His hands traveled to the hem of my shirt, going under slightly feeling my stomach. I moaned again. His lips left mine, which made me release a needy whimper. He started to place kisses along my jaw line til he made it right behind my ear. An embarrassing loud moan from my mouth floated across the empty parking lot. H...

  • Arranged Marriage with my Teacher
    64.5K 1.5K 15

    He's her teacher. She's his student. They hated each other. But- what they don't know is that they've been arranged to get married to each other since they were young. What do you think will become of these two when they find out that they're going to get married and how are they going to keep it a secret from the...

  • I Can't Hide My Love. (Student/ Teacher)
    78.9K 2.1K 44

    Anastasia 16 has always dreamed of a blazing romance but never finds it even in the current relationship with her boyfriend she is in. She is not happy but she finally finds a lit passionate romance...but it's with her teacher who is 22 it starts to hit ablaze and she can't stop it What will happen next? Ranked number...

  • Afterschool Kissing Sessions (student x teacher)
    200K 1K 7

    Mr. Wolff is the school's skinny, awkward chemistry teacher. Sam sees how pathetic and uncharismatic he is and decides to tease him on a daily basis afterschool where they engage in afterschool kissing sessions. However, what will happen once Mr. Smith, the hot, charismatic physics teacher finds out? Are these kissing...

  • My Math Teacher is Living in My House
    508K 11.3K 54

    Sweet, kind and the principal's daughter, Lexie is eager to start her senior along with her best friends. It's an exciting year with that alone but the excitement grows when in the small town of Forks, a new teacher arrives. Skylar's arrival ignites excitement, crushes and heartbreaks which are the last things he want...

  • Dream Catch Me (Student/Teacher)
    1.3M 35.2K 53

    Plain Jane. Previously bullied Jane is starting at a new school, where she hopes to escape her bullied past by her mother, brother and peers. The extra pounds from her previously plump body now gone, Jane feels like a new person. Her first day of school doesn't go to plan, and her next one isn't much better. Hopefully...

  • My Teacher and I
    70K 1.7K 28

    Kelsey is a student. Adam is a teacher. What happens when they cross paths in an inappropriate way? A relationship. Kelsey's best friend Liz falls for Adam too, Adam does not really like to stick with one girl at a time. Will Kelsey find out? Kelsey and Adam's relationship takes a hard fall, and her ex tries to "help...

  • Bruises and scars. (Teacher/student love story)
    2M 37.9K 51

    Scarlete Jones is dating the schools biggest football star; Alex Stein. He has the whole school wrapped around his finger. But what happens when he becomes abusive? What happens when it turns out the only person who can save her is her new hot teacher; Holden Blake?

    Completed   Mature
  • Teacher student love story......
    194K 2.3K 18

    Leah is a gorgeous, attractive girl who also catches the attention of her new English teacher. She is also taking care of her 5 year old brother whom she loves to death. Travis parker is handsome, hot all the things girls like in a man. Girls literally worship the ground he walks on. Who seems to have fallen in love w...

  • Pregnant By My Teacher
    4.5M 96.8K 43

    He menacingly walked over to my desk, sending chills up my spine once more. He finally stopped right above my desk with his eyes going through me like knifes. "Since you think you know everything Miss Martinez, tell me what you know about the human body?" He asked unbuttoning his shirt, relieving his sculpted abs. Dam...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Started With A Kiss [Teacher/Student Relationship]
    576K 11.5K 38

    [COMPLETED] Eighteen year old Daphne Moore lived a normal life. She has friends she can count on, a boyfriend she loves dearly, and her parents who supported her no matter what. She thought her life was perfect, not until she found out her boyfriend cheated on her in her junior year. Her whole world crushed. She star...

  • My Sexy New Jerk of a Gym Teacher
    16.7M 239K 60

    I felt shivers and sparks from the contact of our skin. His lips on my neck were leaving a heated trail that created butterflies in my stomach. "I'm not letting you go that easily. You're mine." He whispered in my ear. ....His. Oh how I liked the sound of that. His. Forever? Oh god, I hope so. A life with him would be...

  • He Loves Me (A Teacher Student Lovestory)
    132K 1.1K 13

    Cher is your regular pretty popular girl with her hot boyfriend Mac whom she loves to death. But she starts to doubt that when the new teacher takes a liking toward her. But when Mac does the unspeakable she realizes Enrique ( the teacher) is really the one for her. And when Mac is a repeat offender and her relationsh...

  • I'm in Love....With My Teacher?
    150K 3.5K 20

    Hit. Punch. Kick. I was out. Dad took pleasure in my pain, the pain I felt from his beatings. The pain I felt in my heart. I'm in love with my teacher.

  • The New English Teacher
    268K 6.3K 22

    I heard a loud thud and footsteps hurrying after me. The lockers neared and I was pushed against them. My breath hitched in my throat and I felt warm puff of breath on the back of my neck. "You liked that, yeah? But you wanted me to touch you... like this?" His hands roamed my body. I bit back a moan. His lips pressed...

  • Can You Keep A Secret? {[Student/Teacher]}
    1.4M 25.6K 27

    Note from MC: Stop. Do not read this story. It was written by a 13-year-old girl who really needed a reality check. Legit, the amount of embarrassment I have for this story is innumerable, so please just... no. "I'm abused by my dad. So what? Are you going to save me? Are you going to miraculously take me away from hi...

  • The English Teacher {Student/Teacher}
    721K 15.2K 34

    Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true. First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship. And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which...