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  • Somebody Else (NaNoWriMo 2019) ✓
    465K 33.1K 50

    Nasir Jackson is in love with Harrison Davis. That's a fact. An undeniable, pathetic fact. He believes Harrison is in love with him, too - because when they're alone, he is completely different compared to when in public. When it's just the two of them, Harrison doesn't make him feel as bad as he does when there are...

  • Checkmate (Camren)
    2M 50.2K 42

    A dangerous game, full of pitfalls. A dispute of power, money and desire. On one side of the board, the deputy Lauren Jauregui, and on the other, the wife of a magnate, Karla Camila Cabello. In this game, only one will fall. Who will have the best strategy? Who will better know how to play? Who will checkmate? Place y...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Backstage Pass (Camren)
    3.9M 83.6K 81

    "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." -Ernest Hemmingway

  • Starting New
    212K 4.9K 36

    Camila Cabello couldn't take the stares of her classmates or the way everyone was treating her anymore. So she decided to leave. Her mom didn't understand what she was going through even though she tried her best to help. So she sent Camila to go live with her aunt in Maine. Camila loves the idea because no one there...

  • The Iceberg Method (Camren)
    1.1M 40.1K 34

    Falling in love was the best and worst thing that ever happened to Camila. Lauren was beautiful, smart, passionate and, unfortunately for Camila, married.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Patient's Promise© (Camren)
    1.1M 28.1K 100

    Lauren has always been what everyone expected her to be. She got the good grades, She's good looking, Has everything she could ever want. She's twenty-five, a doctor , with an amazing girlfriend. What else could he ask for right? But, Who is she really? Nineteen year old Camila Cabello has had trouble following her; h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lessons Yet Learned
    105K 1.2K 4

    Camila is the sweet, innocent, forever a virgin daughter of a farmer. G!P Lauren is her dad's new farmhand who's more than happy to show Camila every position possible. Warning: Major Daddy! Kink

    Completed   Mature
  • midnight ➸ camren
    1.1M 35.5K 151

    BOOK ONE IN THE MIDNIGHT SERIES 305-689-1470: Aww, love. I've know you for what, five minutes? It's midnight where I am, and you should get home. Unknown Number: Wahts yor name? 305-689-1470: Lauren. I'm Lauren. [Lauren G!P] WARNING: This story may contain explicit sexual content (not much), fluff, and angst, as w...

  • Learn To Love Again (Camren/Fifth Harmony fanfic)
    1.3M 18.8K 51

    When Camila Cabello and Ally Brooke get into a car accident and Camila loses her memory, the lives of the girls of Fifth Harmony will turn upside down. Camila is in a committed relationship with One Direction's own Harry Styles, or at least she WAS. When new found feelings begin to flourish Camila starts falling in lo...

  • Caught (Camren)
    1.2M 30.9K 36

    3 P.M. - I loved her. She loved me. I fell harder and harder every day, and I knew it was dangerous. She was dangerous. Her kiss began to taste like vodka even when she hadn't been drinking and her nails dug into my skin like razors, but I loved her. 11 P.M. - The flick of a lighter. I saw the flame in her emerald ey...

    Completed   Mature
  • you keep robbing my heart like a bank ~camren~
    186K 7.3K 17

    Most people would describe Lauren Jauregui as a teacher's pet, a nerd, the girl with no friends. She's just trying to make her way through high school unnoticed, but sadly some people still push her around. She definitely doesn't want to be noticed by Camila Cabello, the school's well-known bad girl. Unfortunately for...

  • bench; camren (english version)
    525K 7.7K 78

    ••complete•• where lauren finds a quote of a song on a bench and decides to answer. sequel of post-it♡