The Patient's Promise© (Camren)

The Patient's Promise© (Camren)

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Lauren has always been what everyone expected her to be. She got the good grades, She's good looking, Has everything she could ever want.
She's twenty-five, a doctor , with an amazing girlfriend. What else could he ask for right?
But, Who is she really?

Nineteen year old Camila Cabello has had trouble following her; her whole entire life. You couldn't really say she's had it easy either. Her life is what is killing her. 

What happens when Lauren becomes Camila's doctor?

Can Lauren save Camila and save the rest of the world including herself. 

Promises are meant to be broken.

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Bouqieo Bouqieo Jan 27, 2017
I used to self harm, i had major depression, major anxiety, and alot of people say i have anger issues. But that was all before i found myself. 😳 now im stuck with anger issues anxiety and ofc depression is there but its nothing major
😂😂😂😂 see??? They are “frieeeendds”. Hahahaha
Lol gonna read this and see if I can relate since I'm in med school 😂 if I don't get it, please pray for my grades
axaichi axaichi Nov 03
I thought I was over camren but this fandom never  gets tired of being loud so yup i fell back in the trap hole again 🤧
First time
                              And I'm actually in med school so let's see how this goes