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  • Shines 2017
    25.9K 1.5K 20

    We give you The Shines Award! Few Rules Few Stories Different Genres A Panel of Judges-- NO VOTES! Will your book make it? Get ready, The Shines Award is here! Want to know more? Read on! Founder-- Saniya Akbar. Head Judges @PiesandThighs and @neubera Highest rank:- #5 in Random (23.04.17)

  • Alpha Grayson | ✔️ (Published)
    7.7M 128K 15

    OFFICIAL PREVIEW FOR THE PUBLISHED NOVEL!! THIS INCLUDES THE PROLOGUE AND FIRST TWO CHAPTERS. Lexia has been held captive for most of her life. Until one day, when a young, attractive Alpha appears with an offer she cannot refuse. Why he chose her, to come live with him in his lavish estate, she didn't know. Until...

  • Alpha Jasper | ✔️(Published)
    8.7M 127K 16

    (OFFICAL PREVIEW FOR THE PUBLISHED NOVEL NOW ON AMAZON!) *Completed* *** In a small town where no one leaves, and no one comes in, a myth lives. In a town that is surrounded by a legend of cruel, murderous wolves that kill the innocent in command of an Alpha. An Alpha, centuries old, that is said to be the cruelest...

  • Alpha Kaden | ✔️ (Published)
    19.1M 454K 26

    **THIS BOOK IS FULLY PUBLISHED NOW ON AMAZON. FIFTEEN CHAPTERS FROM THE END OF THIS BOOK HAVE BEEN REMOVED!! ** ••• Mara always assumed her mate would be a man from her own Pack. A good man. Not a sadistic, sinful Alpha named Kaden. Alpha Kaden. He's a man of riddles and cryptic puzzles. His identity is one of them...

  • Purgatory of the Werewolf - The Wolf of Dorian Gray (Book 2)
    11.4K 1.1K 51

    When troubled and timeless Dorian Gray mysteriously survives being eaten alive, he is given a second chance at life and vows to change his ways. Now, with the werewolf killing again, time is running out to save himself and his loved ones. He flees England and enlists with the Royal Navy hoping to escape the monster. B...

  • Unchained
    2M 104K 41

    Book 1 in the Deviant Creatures Series In the slums of New York City an underground prison sat. The City that Never Sleeps wasn't all it seemed, ruled by the society of the supernatural, the gang wars were pack wars, the drug dealers were carriers for money hungry beasts. But in the midst of all the chaos sat t...

  • The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man
    64.4K 3.5K 43

    Sage Holdsworth is a gifted painter with a terrible secret. She never imagined her passion would give birth to a vicious monster that could cost her everything. Sage has hidden the source of her talent from her friend and benefactor Lady Helena, but Sage cannot conceal her infatuation with the handsome and charismatic...

    Completed   Mature
  • THE BROKEN EYE: An Extended Excerpt
    16.9K 155 10

    Follow along as we release the first 50 pages of THE BROKEN EYE, book three of the Lightbringer series -- available August 26th, 2014.