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The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man

The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man

13.4K Reads 874 Votes 43 Part Story
Brian S. Ference By brianference Completed

"Rarely does romance and revenge intersect so pleasurably and delicately, forming a dance of passion and purpose that embraces a soul search and a confrontation between choices of salvation and sin." - Midwest Book Review

"A delectable page turner. An excellent debut by Brian Ference. Full of excitement, anticipation, and rich scenery." - Pavan
"It has something for everyone with action, romance, and mystery." - Rachel 

Complete with adventurous romance, harrowing escapes, hell-bent revenge, and a werewolf terrorizing the gentry; The Wolf of Dorian Gray transcends this classic work of literature into a compelling and most delicious read.
"There on my desk is the first passionate love-letter which I have ever composed in my life-and it is addressed to a dead girl."
What will happen when the wolf comes to London? Can Dorian save his soul? Or will the beast consume it and his life, along with those of his friends and loved ones?
"The engorged moon hung full and low in the sky like a yellow skull. Misshapen clouds stretched across the floating orb with elongated hands and bony fingers grasping. As they neared the docks, the gas lamps grew fewer and the streets gloomier. The cobblestones blackened as they passed the deserted brickfields. Bottle-sgoodreadshaped kilns spat their outrage with orange tongues of fire into the cooling air. Mangy dogs snarled in hunger and wandering sea-gulls screamed their displeasure at the hansom's passage."

 This expanded edition of the classic philosophical fiction by Oscar Wilde, features all-new scenes in a compelling tale of love, lust, and the werewolf spawned by the evil of man. The story, set in late 1800's England, follows the life of Dorian Gray, who through ancient Romani magic's and the skills of an astonishing artist has had his fate and soul irrevocably linked with the last remaining wolf in the forests of England. The wolf begins to grow and change into a hideous monster that is ravaging the countryside.

Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 Apr 13
I love how realistic the dialogue is and how descriptive it is! I don't know how to explain the writing style but it's smooth. Not too descriptive but descriptive to get the gist of it.
LeLe_Ray LeLe_Ray Apr 18
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spermatids spermatids May 10
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2far4me 2far4me Apr 18
Gotta love the death of the POV character in the prologue. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Dorian gray off of league of extraordinary gentleman? the traitor? lmao
Man, this is fantastic! I'm really excited to have found your story, because I'm already enthralled in it.