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  • Shawn and Mila
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    Shawn Mendes is crushing on Camila Cabello but he doesn't know if she likes him.❤️what happens when they meet up? Will they feel sparks? Or hatred? You won't know unless your shockingly,amazing. Shawn Mendes,Becky G,Fifth Harmony,Bars and melody,johnny Orlando, Austin Mahone and others have been invited to a 10 hour d...

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    Life is pretty hard for camila , people still thinking she still loves austin is even harder for her . She really loves this other boy . but there's 2... how could she say she has a crush on 2 boys with out dumbass fuckin bitchy haters who suck hairy ass and dicks calling her a slut? maybe she'll keep it a secret..

  • T H E U N S A I D Shawn&Mila
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    "I love you Camila. I've always loved you." "Good, now go tell her!" "I can't." NOT THOROUGHLY EDITED:))) ENJOY!!! {[ON HOLD, due to major editing]}

  • Brave, Honest, and Beautiful
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    Fifth Harmony's Camila is sad about the break up with Austin, She tries to forget about it and move on but she cant. They are on the reflection tour with Jacob, Mahogany ,and Jasmine V. Shawn visits them and what happens form there.....well find out <3

  • Just Friends (COMPLETED)
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    This is a fan-fiction love story about Camila from 5H and Shawn Mendes. That's basically it lol. ENJOY