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  • Forgotten
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    Human Trafficking is going on today. It is so easy to fall into a easy, comfortable life where we worry only about ourselves and figure someone else will take care of the world's problems. If we all think that, where does that put us? Maybe that someone else is YOU.

  • Where i went wrong
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    Skyler was raised in the church, just blindly following her parent's faith, but when her parents' faith disappear, what will happen to Skylers beliefs?

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  • Faith
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    Poems. Faith is as unpredictable as the wind, always rising, falling, twisting, turning. It’s a constantly changing journey that will never come to an end. These poems are a large collection of poems about faith. Please enjoy.

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  • "The Great GOD that knows best"
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  • The Light Keeper's Daughter
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    Camila has always loved the sea and the lighthouse she grew up in. Franklin has asked her to marry him, but when she finds a lost soul on the shore who can't remember his past, she helps him discover just how important love can be. Yet will love bring her everything she wants or danger she doesn't know exists? When yo...

  • Change of Faith
    2.9K 61 9

    16 year old Shanice lives a life full of alcohol, boys and depression. One Saturday night she goes to the club with her boyfriend Twitch. That night changed her life forever. Now expecting a baby and kicked out of her home by her hard working mother, Shanice finds refuge in a church called The Light of Christ, she fin...

  • The Miracle Worker(Watty Awards 2011)
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    Madeline found out at the beginning of their marriage that she has PCOS. It had rockd both her and her husband, Ethan's worlds. Madeline and Ethan have been trying to have children for almost 3 years now. And God has answered their prayer. Madeline is almost 2 months pregnant. But, what happens when a tradgedy strikes...

  • Who Knew?
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    One simple word can change everything...

  • Wattpad Author Interviews
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    Interested in your favourite Wattpad author? Come inside and read their interviews.

  • Jesus Has Saved Me
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  • Flame Inside of Me
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  • A Forever Love
    3.3K 111 14

    The combining of stories that reveal my relationship with Christ and the hardships I -and others- embrace for Him.

  • Christ's Return [The Rapture]
    44.1K 1.6K 16

    After the disappearance of millions all over the world, Summer Theis has no idea what's in store for her living on Earth during its last days. Dealing with the death of her best friend and the disappearances of many others, she begins her journey to discover what was behind the mysterious vanishings. Based on the even...

  • A Typical Teen Christian
    29.8K 1K 10

    Jesselin Cole is a teen Christian, that has a purpose in her life. She goes to highschool and along the way she helps other teens with their problems.

  • What Happens Then?
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    What Happens Then?- is just a little reminder to get back up when people knock you down. I Can't Reach- a very short poem about trying to forget what you want because you feel you won't get it Night- a poem simply about.. you guessed it, night! And the memories and feelings it brings.

  • To See A Miracle
    6.7K 222 7

    This is a collection of impressive stories. Most of them are people who I actually knew, but some are fictional. These people are all strong because they went through horrors we cannot imagine. Please don't forget them. *There are songs to go with each story, I recommend listening to them while reading*

  • Jesus Freak (Will not be finished)
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    My name is Melody, and I'm a proud teenage Jesus freak. I don't care what other people think of me. As long as I walk with God everything will turn out okay. I might just be 17 but God speaks to me and reveals other people's problems to me, so I can help them. But who knew that my new school's bad boy was one of the p...

  • impACT
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    Maria is your average teenage girl. She always fights with her parents, and cares more about her looks than she does anything else. One day, though, her doctor gives her some terrible news. News that will forever change her outlook on life, and affect everyone she's close to. How will she learn to cope with the diseas...

  • Faith Brought Me Home
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    Alayna grew up in a bad home. Her parents were always away at a bar, or selling drugs. Alayna was always left at home with her two older siblings. It was easy for Alayna to follow her parents footsteps when she grew up. Alayna was pressured into drugs, underage. One day, when Alayna was in college, she got back to her...