Christian Pick-Up Lines (For Humor Only! ;p)

Christian Pick-Up Lines (For Humor Only! ;p)

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Muah:) By careforbooks Updated Feb 11, 2012

hey guys! so, i have been recently hearing a lot about this thing called CHRISTIAN pick up lines? Im like, what the heck? Why do we christians seem to go overboard and make our OWN of everything, even PICK UP LINES?!?! then i checked it out. FUNNY AS IDK WHAT!!!! Lol :P Check it out and Chrsitian guys, it might not be so bad to use some of these....ONLY the good ones its your job to figure out which ones those are ;)



1) Nice bible! 
2) I would like to pray with you. 
3) You know Jesus? Me too!! 
4) God told me to come talk to you! 
5) I know a church where we could go and talk! 
6) How about a hug, sister? 
7) Do you need help carrying your bible? It looks heavy. 
8) Christians don't shake hands, Christians gotta hug! 
9) Oh you are cold, Eccleseasties 4:11. 
10) Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? 
11) What are your plans for tonight? Feel like a Bible study? 
12) I am here for you. 
13) The word says "Give drink to those who are thir...