IV || Beep

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A u r o r a

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A u r o r a

"Beep, beep, beep, beep."

Everything's fuzzy. I can barely feel my body.

I try to open my eyes but the room I am in is too bright so I quickly squeeze them shut almost instantly. After a moment my eyes flutter open once again and the bright light clears and my vision sharpens.

A few audible gasps are sounded throughout the room. I turn my head to see and find my Mommy, Daddy, Alessandro, Leonardo, Lorenzo, Mattia, and Matteo. My eyes widened in both fear and surprise. I'm here, I'm home, I'm safe, I keep repeating these things in my head and my mouth almost twitches in one corner. But that's almost.

My eyes scan over all of them. Each of them have tears in their eyes, my gaze reaches my mommy and a tear leaks from my eye. As if something snapped in their head they suddenly realise they weren't saying anything and my mom comes over.

"Oh bambina mia!" She gasps coming over to me. I slightly flinch away but she doesn't seem to notice as the engulfs me in a hug. She holds me tightly but I don't I'm too scared. She seems to notice because when she pulls away from me her mouth is etched into a frown.

I look down immediately, not wanting to see her disappointed face. My mom puts two fingers underneath my chin and lifts my head bringing my gaze to meet hers. My eyes water and a few tears cascade down my cheeks.

She kisses my cheek and puts an arm under each armpit lifting me up towards her. I feel my body stiffen at this but relax feeling that I am secure at last with my family. Laying my head on her shoulder my breathing calms but my light sniffles continue. She strokes my hair softly to try and calm me further, it works.

Looking over to the rest of my family, they all have slight smiles but the overlying sadness engraved in their faces. Seeing their despair I give them a weak smile. This seems to brighten their mood as the once solemn men seemed a whole lot happier, in an instant.

With my arms wrapped around my mommy's neck, I shyly hid my face in her neck. She chuckled and kissed my forehead.

A throat clears somewhere in the room but I don't turn to look, mainly because I'm way to comfortable on my mom's arms but the overall fear within me it part of the reason.

"Hi principessa." It's daddy. "D-do you, remember us?" I have never heard him so nervous.

I don't want to answer but if I don't they might get angry with me.

Being too scared to speak I simply turn my head to face him, with my eyes glued to the floor I nod slowly.

Sighs of relief are sounded from all of the family as they hear the news. Matteo starts to make his way towards me, in doing so, my heart speeds up and feels although it's pounding out of my chest. The rest of the family fails to notice even though I am hooked onto the heart monitor. It takes them a few moments to realise the beep in the room is rapidly increasing. Upon noticing, Mattia pulls his twins shoulder gently back to prevent him from coming closer.

At this I hide back into my moms neck, at this point she has sat on the bed, in the hospital wing of the house, with me sat on her lap.

Closing my eyes to calm myself I take deep, but quiet, breaths. Mommy rubs my back to try and pacify me.

"Fiore can you speak to us? Please?" This time it was Alessandro who spoke, I knew this because he always used to call me 'piccolo fiore'.

Not a sound leaves my lips, I can't, not yet at least. A million thoughts run through my head. Mainly memories of Viktor and what he did when I ignored him or didn't talk. What if they make me talk just like he did..

A hand makes contact with the back of my head and it makes me flinch massively.

Why does everyone just have to touch me?

The hand immediately retracts and I feel a fraction more at ease. Silent tears leak from my eyes and drop into the crook of my mom's neck. I know she notices because she starts shushing me rocking me side to side.

Behind me I can feel six pairs of eyes digging into me making me uncomfortable being the centre of attention. I just want all this to stop and go back to before I was taken. But we can't I'm too damaged now.

As my mother rocks me my eyes start to feel tremendously heavy. Unable to keep them open any longer I let them fall closed.

E v a n n a

As I feel her breaths on my neck deepen and her body slump I know she has fallen asleep.

I gently lay her in the hospital bed, making sure to not wake her in the process.

I turn around to my husband and darling boys. With tears in my eyes, I go over to my husband and he embraces me in a hug. We found our bambina but she's not the same, I will do everything in my power to make her happy again.

I cry into his shoulder until there are no tears left. When finished I look up at him and see un shed tears in his eyes. I look round to my boys and each of them tears falling down their face.

I haven't seen Alessandro convey any emotion since we found out she was gone.

Alessandro and Aurora were the closest out of them all they were inseparable. She even used to refuse to go into her room at night because 'Lessy' wouldn't be with her.

He had tears drenching each of his cheeks.

In all honesty they looked a mess, we all did.

Our little girl has been through unimaginable things, and we needed to find out what to help her.
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