The ball

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(Quick note, there is a plot my mind they were 13 not 11..... Sorry for inconvenience, but I'm not changing it since I'm to lazy to change it)

Your p.o.v
I dress in a beautiful black ball gown for tonight. I am going to Malfoy manor for a ball with my parents since we are the second most powerful wizard family after the minster himself. I come down stairs after doing my (h/c) hair and leave my hair flowing and my mother gasps and says "your so beautiful!" I smile and my father walks in and smiling saying "theres my beautiful girl!" I smile even more with a blush. We head outside and get into the carriage that will take us there, along the way I think if I would see the Malfoy's son I heard so much about him. Like how's he's 11 like me and he flys a broom well, I guess I will have to find out more about him from him tonight. I close my eyes and imagine dancing across the dance floor but the weird thing is I danced with one boy then when we turned around it was another boy, my eyes flew open. Perfect timing,because we were at the Malfoy manor. When we were in front of the door the door of he carriage was opened and mum and dad stepped out arms linked, I looked up then stepped out gracefully trying not to be noticed. I walked behind them to the ballroom, heaps of people were staring at me. I looked around and gaped at the ballroom it was so beautiful. We soon found our way to the Malfoy's and mum and dad talked to mr and mrs Malfoy while I looked around for the son, I couldn't find him. I turn to mrs Malfoy and ask "excuse me but where is your son?" She smiles sweetly and says "he's upstairs I will get a elf to fetch him" I smile and say "thank you". I wait for the elf to return with the boy, as I do I smile sweetly at a boy I caught staring at me. The weird thing he looks like one of the boys from my day dream. The boy soon appears walking behind me I don't notice him till he clears his throat, I turn around smile my beautiful smile at him. Finally I get to talk to this boy that's been on my mind since mother said we were going to the ball.

Draco p.o.v

I walk down stairs quite annoyed that I was disturbed because someone requested me! As the elf leads me I see the girl that asked for me and the annoyance disappears. She is the most beautiful girl and she hasn't even turned around! I clear my throat to tell her I have arrived, she turns around smiles a smile that makes my knees weak. I smile back and bow while taking her hand and kissing it, she blushes and giggles. I stand up straight letting go of her hand, I choose to introduce myself "hello I'm Draco Malfoy, you are?" She smiles and responds "(y/n) Mythic " I smile what a beautiful name........(y/n)......... I then say "pleasure to meet you (y/n)" I had such a thrill saying her name! She giggles and says "the pleasure is all mine Draco".

Your p.o.v

The music soon starts and I'm pleased I finally talked to the boy that has been clouding my thoughts and he is cuter than I thought! Something tells me he will be on my mind a lot more. Draco offers his hand and says "may I have this dance?" I take his hand saying "you may" he guilds me to the dance floor and we start dancing so gracefully.

Someone in the crowd p.o.v

I look at the dance floor hoping for inspiration for a poem and there it is a poem comes to mind after watching some kids dancing across the floor. I look closer and see the girl has a beautiful flowing black dress that drags across the floor and the boy has a dress suit with the back of the coat flowing out. Another boy comes and steals the girl from the firsts grip and starts dancing but it isn't as beautiful as the first dance. The poem then is finished.

Darkness and death glide across the dance floor in each other's embrace,
Anyone looking can see they are perfect for each other.
But depression wants darkness also,
He steals her away and dances farther away from death so death can't steal her back.
Darkness looks over at death begging to return to her true love,
Depression doesn't see this and continues dancing.
Death soon steals darkness back and they dance,
As they dance they look into each other's eyes and smile.
Death and darkness will always dance together because nothing goes better then death and darkness.

I rush to mrs Malfoy and ask "who are those kids?" She smiles and points to the boy dancing with the girl "that is my son Draco dancing with (y/n) Mythic " she then points to the boy that took the girl and says "that is Dracon Dracyious" she then turns to me and ask "why do you want to know?" I smile and say "they are in my poem" she smiles and rushes to her husband who gathers the girls and other boys parents they come over. Then mr Malfoy says "we all want to hear the poem with our children tomorrow before you publish it" I nod "of course I will be here tomorrow at 10" I say then turn and leave to write the poem. This poem will make me famous!

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