Chapter - 02

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Nicholas's POV

" Christina , I was busy " , I sighed.

" Don't give me that shit , you were so busy that you couldn't call me for two days straight ? " She yelled.

"Yes I was and I still am". I was the CEO for fuck's sake.

Dad had handed me down the business when I was 28 and know he has retired but he is quite addicted to this place and thus has his own cabin. So he keeps coming atleast twice in a week and attends the important meetings .

" It has been so long we spent time together . Nick , you have to take me out on a date , yes baby ? " , She demanded.

I sighed .

" Uh okay I'll let you know "

"Bye baby , see you "

"Bye "

Huffing , I put down my phone.

I have taken Christina on one or two dates in the past few months and now She thinks of herself as my girlfriend although I have never really asked her. She was a blonde with blue eyes and a tall , slender figure. She is beautiful and everything but I am not into commitments.

I don't really trust women other than my mom and sister . My first girlfriend cheated on me . Then again after a few years I was serious with Clara . Things were good but then one day she got pregnant with Ethan. Thereafter she started behaving weirdly . She used to pickup meaningless fights , was excessively demanding and started avoiding me even. Blaming it on her pregnancy hormones , I let everything slide until oneday I came home to a drunk Clara. I was furious at her for being this careless when she was pregnant but then what she said, had my heart in a twist. She slurred that she was disgusted at the thought of a baby and she did not at all accept the thought of being a mother. She kept on speaking on how she wanted to live her life freely and how much of a hindrance that bastard child of mine was in that path. I took her to bed and the very next day , I made her sign a contract stating that she wasn't allowed to show any kind of casualty towards her health during her pregnancy. After giving birth she was allowed to leave the child with me and get back her life along with one million dollars.
Being the perfect example of gold digger she was, she accepted the offer without hesitation and here I was being a single father to my 5 year old boy , Ethan , my ray of sunshine. He was one of the best things that had ever happened to me. I could never imagine what my life would have been without him.

So back to where we were. From then onwards I don't do commitments because all of them turn out to be the same and I very well know that Christina is not too much of an exception but then, I don't love her. Just mere attraction...

Now I was so pissed . Firstly I had so much on my plate and on top of that Christina and her stupid date .

Tired , I sat down when I saw Ethan enter my cabin with Amy, his nanny.

"Dad!" He widely smiled at me.

" Ethan come here " , I took him from Amy .

"Mr. Carter , shall I go for my lunch ?" , Amy asked

"Yeah sure, I'll take care of him. "

Nodding , she walked off.

"Daddy " He sang, passing one wide grin, the one he uses when he is about to demand something.

" Yes darling " I gave him my complete attention.

" I want to go out for ice cream " I mentally rolled my eyes. How I saw this coming. His overly sweet tone was indicative.

"Not now , Ethan. "

"Please Dad " he gave me those puppy eyes but I had to be stern . Too much sugar was not good for him .

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