//Death...I thought?//

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I never thought it would actually happen.

I've spent years wondering, imagining, sometimes even hoping that I would die and end up reborn in one of my favourite animes- But deep down, I'd know it would never happen. Which is why on the day I finally died, I was expecting to wake up to Satan himself. Or be told that since both him and god have a restraining order against me I have to float in the eternal abyss forever.

Not this.

I was reading the last chapter of the TPN manga- and you could say I was distracted. I was both happy and unhappy with the ending, and was debating my feelings to myself. And, being the well cultured weeb I am, was clicking to the first chapter to re-read it immediately as I was crossing the road- at a stop sign on the crosswalk, mind you, when some rich bastards Lamborghini ran me over. It smashed into me and I went flying.

The first thought that went through my head was; "Hah! Take that, you rich bastard! Now I will forever be implanted on your favourite car!" Which was followed by "Oh... oh shit."

It hurt like hell. 0/10 do not recommend it. Plus, I'm convinced that the only reason this happened was because I was coincidentally holding my phone open to the first chapter of the manga when I died. Seriously. Do not go running across roads with your favourite manga in hand. It won't happen.

Disclaimer: I have no proof it won't happen, the author insisted I put the warning for you. But seriously, don't do it.

Moving on... yeah, I realized I was dying as soon as it was happening. Kinda like this, "Oh flubbernugget." Moment. I half expected to see my dead relative who'd 'been watching over me my whole life' face-palming.

Even more I expected there to be a bright light shining from up ahed. Maybe a rainbow. Some sort of sign. But, alas, there was no rainbow in sight. - I did get pooped on by a bird, though. I suppose that that's remarkable in its own way.

Back to dying... anyway, as I lay there, all I felt was... neither regret nor peace. I was just dying. Sure, I wanted to see my family one more time. I also had a sh*t ton of anime, and/or manga, and possibly webtoons I wasn't up to date or finished with. Damn.

It was like I was falling asleep. My consciousness faded. I made sure I closed my eyes as it happened because ain't no one want to see me staring at them like a dead fish. I also didn't want them to have to staple my eyelids closed for my funeral. Damn, I should've asked to be cremated and eaten popcorn today. Do you think they played 'Touch You' at my funeral like I asked? Or invited all the rich billionaires in the area over?

And yes, all of this was running through my head in my last seconds. To be honest, one side of me was cussing out the rich douche among my elementary school bullies. The other side of me was accepting it peacefully and hoping I somehow made it to heaven. Another side of me was wondering if they have grilled cheese in hell. "Probably not", the side of me that was actively tallying up every single mistake I've ever made in the world and trying to mentally prepare itself to be greeted by Satan responded. It was chaos- but peaceful chaos.

And then I was dead.

I was neither conscious or not- it was a weird state to be in. I wasn't thinking but I was sentient. And then my head went all fuzzy. I don't really remember what happened next- but I remember a sort of conversion. It was about where I was going and who I would be... either way, I know I did well, but it had some drawbacks. How do I know...? Well, that brings us to now. Or, maybe, a few years ago.


I awake with a start. My whole body feels strange. My arms are lighter then I remember. My eyes open and I take in the scenery around me. It looks to be in the afternoon? Then I really start to notice what's going on.

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