Night 2

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After the girls were done bathing, both of them wore Momoi’s clothes. Kuroko wore a blue, poofy Sirwal - an Arabic kind of pants - and a cropped tube top of the same color that shows her lower abdomen. Momoi, although, wore a pink version of it. And since both of their hair were wet, momoi suggested to dry Kuroko’s.

"You really have a pretty hair and skin." Said Momoi who is combing the bluenettes’s hair.

Kuroko only lowered her head and stay silent, unable to say anything. Momoi just shrugged and kept on combing Kuroko’s hair. Even though the bluenette skin is full of bruises, her skin is white and pale, matched with her teal blue locks she looks really beautiful.

"I’m Momoi Satsuki, what’s yours?"

The bluenette look at her reflection in the mirror, she’s a bit beautiful compare to before. The dirt on her skin is gone. “Tetsuyu, Kuroko Tetsuyu.”

"That’s a cute name! Tetsuyu… tsuyu… it means dewdrops right? It suits you." Said the pinknette cheerfully.

Kuroko lowered her gaze. No. She’s nothing like a dewdrops. If it’s a dewdrops, then she’s a dirty dewdrops. “I’m… I’m nothing like a dewdrop.” She clenched on her pants.

"Yes you are. Your eyes said so." The pinknette smiled. "It’s done! Now I’m going to comb mine."


"So this Haizaki Shougo who often bought female slaves huh?" Said Akashi while looking at the paper sheets. On his table, there's a picture of a grey head man with the list of his slaves.

"What are you going to do with him, Akashi?" Ask Midorima with fixing his glasses.

"He's been ordering his slaves to steal money. But we need more evident." Said Akashi, frowning with his conclusion.

"We need a lot more information from her. Or we won't be able to catch him."

A knock was heard from the outside, disturbing the both of them. "Come in." Akashi fold all the scattered papers on his table neatly then putting it aside.

"Akashichii-sama and Midorimachii, the lunch is ready." Said the blond haired man while sticking his head behind the door to Akashi's workplace.

Akashi then looking back at Kise. "Are the girls ready yet?"

"Oh! I ask Aominchii to get them." Kise only smiled at the both of them. Akashi only looking at him with his questioning looks while Midorima only sigh.


Akashi, Murasakibara, Midorima and Kise are sitting on the cushion which is facing for the long dining table. Kagami bringing out the dishes for their lunch.

"They're late, nodayo. What took them so long?"

Then Aomine came with fluster face and hands and feet walking at the same time. "Daiki, is there something wrong?" Ask Akashi who look at the bluenette odd behavior.

"NA-NA-NA-NOTHING YOUR MAJESTY!!" Aomine accidentally shouts at Akashi.

"Mind your voice, Daiki."

"Nii-sama!!" Said the pinknette cheerfully. Coming out with the attire she wore which make her really beautiful. The others understand why Aomine became like that. Well, except Akashi.

"Momoi, what a beautiful dress you're wearing today." He smiled, she resembled their late mother. "Where is 'She'?" Ask Akashi while picking up his drink.

Momoi then went back to the back and grab the blunette who is covering her face with a transparent niqab. Everyone looking at her with their jaws dropped, while Akashi accidentally bursts out the content inside his mouth. Every single person who is inside the dining room looked at Akashi with shocked expression.

"Urm... Nii-sama? Are you alright?"

Akashi who only covered his mouth and looking at other place in order to avoid his eyes meeting with the pair of sky blue eyes. "Y-yes, I'm fine."

While the others are looking at each others giving signal.

'Did he just stuttered?'

'How can a little girl can make him embarrassed, it must be because your clothing, Momoi.'

'No way! Nii-sama is used to my dressing like this'

'Then the only reason why Akashichii like this must be because this bluenette'

'Eh~? She's cute. There is no doubt he is blushing because of her'

"Urm, excuse me." Kuroko finally broke their inner conversation. "Is it. Alright for me to dine with his majesty?" Ask Kuroko shyly.

The pinknette quickly grab her arm to follow her. "Don't worry. What ever my nii-sama orders are absolute." While closing her eyes and making a commanding face she said. "We must follow it no matter what." The pinknette smiled at her, then the blunette replied her smile.


Meanwhile, in the Haizaki's mansion. All the woman were running, hiding and screaming for being scared at Haizaki's wrath.

Haizaki has been throwing glasses, books or whatever near him right now.

"WHERE IS SHE!!! IT'S NIGHT ALREADY!!" He throw another jar filled with his wine. "She should be back by now!" He slammed on his table. "I should have chained her." He huff, tired of yelling. "She's one of those most value slave that need to be shape."

------------ cliffhanger ------------

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