Part 1

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The camp was buzzing with activity. Demi, of course, had no idea what was going on. It was about midnight and everybody was awake. Strange. The cool air calmed the healer though, it was clear that summer was finally coming to an end, and Demi couldn't be happier. She loved the winter. By the direction she was being escorted in, she guessed she was either in trouble or an attack was coming. As a slave, she wasn't privy to any information, but as a healer, she did need to know about some things.

    Demi had been the healer at the Ura clan for 6 years now, but a slave to the clan for 8. The Ura clan consisted of mostly fairies, though there was a large group of humans as well. Her mother had been the former healer, for two years, until she died, and Demi was made into clan healer. She had been 12 when her mother got some kind of wasting sickness that nobody could've healed. Not even her, especially 12-year-old her. But she still blamed herself.

    Her legs strained as Demi tried to keep up with the guard's pace. The shackles making a soft clank every step she took. They'd been on since Demi had first been brought to the Ura clan. Didn't want her running away and all. But when it got colder the chains were loosened, so she could have shoes. That was part of the reason she loved winter. When Demi entered the tent, everybody was frantic. It made her nervous. Everybody was usually calm, even during an attack. The look of fear in some of the warrior's eyes was very unsettling.

    "Demetria," Elena said loudly. Everybody in the room instantly went quiet. Demi tried and failed to keep from flinching. Elena was the clan's leader, a chief if you will. Elena was a very powerful fae, with very powerful air-based magic. She had given Demi more than a fair share of beatings and made her nervous. Elena stalked up to Demi, "there is about to be an attack, prepare accordingly." Well, that explained nothing. Why was everybody so nervous?

As far as Demi knew, Ura had never lost a battle, ever. They were one of the largest southern fae divisions and were rarely messed with. Ura also had the most humans sided with them, and in the current war that was very important. The southern, fae were clashing with the northern fae, and the humans were caught in the middle. Many sided with the south because they were told that northerners killed humans on sight. Demi didn't know whether that was true or not, but fear was a great motivator.

    The healer part of her kicked in before Demi could stuff it down, "Will there be magic? What kind of weapons will they use? And where are they from?" All of these were important questions. Healing magical wounds was different from healing non-magical wounds, the kind of weapons would determine what kind of injuries she would have to treat, and where the enemy had come from would tell what kind of poisons they might use. But it wasn't her place to question anybody, especially Elena. She knew what was coming before it hit her. Literally.

    A sting came from her face. It hurt badly but could've been worse. Demi lowered her head in submission. "You do not question me." Elena seethed. "Noah and Taj will guard you." The dismissal was clear. Demi exited the tent and made her way to her own. She knew the punishment for questioning Elena would've been much worse if they didn't need her to heal their injured.

    Before Noah could leave Elena pulled him aside, "If we lose, kill the girl and run. We don't need our enemies getting their hands on her." Noah nodded and followed Taj out of the tent. He was slightly disappointed he'd miss the battle, but orders were orders.

Demi could hear two guards follow her after a minute. She quickened her pace. Reaching her tent she slipped inside. It was going to be a long night, and her legs were already aching from walking so much.

    She ran around, counting herbs, boiling water, and getting all the bandages she had out. "Are you two going to stand there all night or are you going to help?" Normally, Demi wouldn't be so brazen, but before an attack, she lost her filter.

    "Careful how you speak to us witch," Noah said in a voice that promised pain. Demi rolled her eyes at the threat, and at the insult. It's not like she could help what she was.

"Give me a beating now, and who will tend to your wounded?" she asked, "Do you really want those deaths on your hands?" When Noah said nothing she turned back to her work and smirked. It was always nice to leave a warrior, who thought they were superior, speechless.



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