1.To You From 2000 Years Ago

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(Y/n) pov
"Hey... Fly away... Far away from here, its nothing but a cage down here" I said outloud reaching for the sky,until someone's head got in the way.
"How's it going baby bird, daydreaming again" she said poking my nose
The person in question was my older sister Scarlet, she had Ashen hair with red and purple streaks mixed in. "You stink, tried dying your hair again?"
"Oh I stink you say... Well I guess I just make you stinky aswell come here!!" she said diving at me, we playfully wrestled until she got me in a headlock and rested me on her chest with her back to the tree.
"You're mean" I told sinking in deeper"But warm"
"He hehe, I'm mean am I?"she asked with a mischievous smile" If I'm so mean would I get you this?"she asked taking out a small book.
"What's this?" the book in question was brown with a leather belt around it.
"It's a journal to write, draw in... You've got a great head would be a shame to let it go to waste"
"A book that I can fill in myself... That's a gift?" I asked unimpressed
"Well if ya dont-"
"No, no ill keep it... No take back's"
"Hehe, no take backs got it,... You know, you picked a nice spot to relax... But why aren't you hanging out with friends or something?"
She asked nudging my shoulder
"No why should I, I've got you" I replied confidently
"Maybe but I'm not always around, I have a duty as a soldier to protect people"
Scarlet was a member of the Garrison regiment tasked with keeping the peace in Wall Maria. "I want to be a soldier when I grow up, the scouts, I wanna see the world behind these walls"
"Sigh, I know.. I know" she said almost sad like she didn't want to hear it. "Anyway let's go home, Mom will be pissed if we miss dinner"
"Can we fly home?"
"Umm nope, you're getting too heavy.. Maybe you should cut back on the sweets"
"Hey!! Ma says I'm a growing girl and need to eat more"

"We're back!!!" Scarlet yelled getting our parents attention
"Good just in time for-... Oh you both stink, maybe you should bathe first"
"The only butt's will be yours taking a bath now come on family bath" she ordered us"That includes you!!"she said pointing at Ma.
"OK, OK jeez, thank god I just heated the water"

After we all got undressed we went into the room we used for bathing, I was sitting the basin as water was poured on my head, were as Mom, Ma and Scarlet didn't seem embarrassed, I was beet red and Scarlet took notice and teased me about it. "You know if you're serious about the military you should get used to this, the only difference here is we're all family"
"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked somewhat scarred
"Just imagine it you stuck in a comunal bath filled with other girls, naked in front of each other..." as she went on I felt blood rush downwards
"STOP~You're making it worse...!!" i shouted at her trying to cover myself
"Scarlet stop teasing your sister, she's embarrassed isn't she honey"
"Well I mean she's not wrong, I remember we I was in the military it was hard because I was also trying to hide this" she said pointing at her penis, which confused me
"Why would you have to hide it, isn't it normal?" I asked geniually curious
"Umm that's Umm.."
"Something we'll explain some other time, for now close your eyes"
"What why-.. Agghga" I shouted as water got in my eye

(The next day)
Scarlet's pov
Today I was tasked with keeping the peace, like always in other words just make sure no one dies and what you want. 'Works for me, nothing happens around here tho'
Maybe I should look for (y/n) or sleep, I decided to go with the former, and started walking around town until I spotted her. 'And bingo' I found her running away from something'Wonder-... 'before I could finish I saw why she was being chased by two brats"Not again"i chased after them as well, (y/n) was twisting around corners until she hit a dead end.
"We're you gonna go now, you heretic"
"You just pick on me because I'm different, because I'm not as stupid as-" one of the bullies raised his fist going for the hit, I walked up to him and grabbed his wrist and twisted.
"S-Scarlet" (y/n) said surprised and relieved
"What did I tell you would happen if ya pick on my little sis, huh" I could tell they were shitting their pants.
"Ah we were just joking right, just joking is all" he said panicked, as his friend frantically nodded
"Sigh, you're lucky I'm on duty.. Now scram!!!" I yelled at them, letting go off his wrist as they ran away.
"Thanks Scarlet, but you didn't have to help, I could've handled it on my own" she said trying to sound tough
"You know it's alright to need help even the strongest people fall and others help them get back up"
"Us that what you do?"
"Pfft, nah too lazy, in fact you woke me from a nap, haha" I joked with her"You know I'll always be here to help, as long as I'm here nobody will hurt you, now come on didn't mom want your help shopping this afternoon"

(Y/n) pov
"(Y/n) don't drop that, that's tonight's dinner"Mom told as I was playing with the bread, pretending it was a sword.
"Your mom's right, ill get you that wooden sword you wanted instead deal"
"Deal" I shoved the bread back in the back and gave her a hug.
Today's been great, wind been nice, I've practiced drawing,the wall is casting a great shade, we're gonna have a great dinner. 'Yep nothing could ruin this morning'
*zzzzz-bang*the sky turned orange as a loud sound of thunder hit my ears.
"What was that?"
"A cannon"
"Is everyone okay?"
A bunch of people asked confused"Mom what was that... Mom? "I tried asking but she was stuck staring at the wall, I turned around and saw what was distracting her.
There it stood a giant skinless hand rested on the wall as a giant face appeared over it.
'What's this feeling...... Fear? Despair?' I asked myself' Is this a T-Titan!'

I normally say I do bad intros  but I think this is my best one

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