Seeing Old Friends

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You didn't expect your 'Grand Reunion' with Jotaro to be in a jail cell. But you went with it nonetheless.

Holly explained how Jotaro wouldn't leave his cell because some sort of 'Evil Spirit' was haunting him. You thought he was talking about a stand. Did he have one?

Holly seemed distressed on the way to Jotaro, and you could feel your heart beating faster every minute.

Jotaro glared at you as you ran up to the cell. "Jotaro!"

"huh? Y/N?"

"I-I'm glad you rmemeber me but. This is madness Jotaro. You have to get out"

He ignored you as Mr. Jostar came up behind you. The guards were freaking out behind you.

"listen" You noticed that Jotaro had a bunch of personal objects in his cell such as Shonen-Jump and an electric car. "if you don't come out now then we're going to have to get you out another way and..."

"don't worry. I'll be taking my grandson home now"he cut you off.

"your grandson?" Jotaro said looking at Mr. Jostar.

"wait what. Do you not recognise him?"

"stay where you are. It's dangerous!" said one of the guards.

Mr. Jostar shoved them out the way and walked ifnront of the cell.

"Jotaro. Its Grandpa! And Y/N!" said Holly, coming out from behind him. "He can help! Just come out with us"

They stared at each other before Mr. Jostar spoke up. "Come out. We're going home"

"get lost"

"come on Jotaro. Don't make this any harder than it needs to be" you pleaded. He looked down at you before continuing.

"I didn't ask any of you to come here. You'll 'Help'? What can you do for me?" he pointed at him. "sorry you came all the way from New York and Italy for nothing because you can't help me" he held out something in his hand. "old man"

You looked closer. It was Mr. Jostars prosthetic pinkie. Mr. Jostar looked down at his hand. "Huh?!"

Jotaro looked at it some more. "Did you catch it? Didn't notice?" he turned around. "that's the evil spirit. Stay back. Or you'll lose what little you have left of your life"

Jotaro walked away and sat on the bed. Mr. Jostars put the finger in his pocket and clicked his fingers. "Avdol. Your turn"

"W-wait Mr. Jostar I thought that you said I could convince him-"

Avdol walked foreword towards the bars. "he's an Egyptian friend I met a few years ago. His name is Avdol" Jotaro looked up. "Please assist my Grandson out of his cell."

"back off" snapped Jotaro. "you look tough but do you think I'm the type of guy who would take kindly to a threat like that?" Avdol ignored him. "Nope, all that does is make me even more determined to say here"

"I regret that things might get a bit unpleasant" he said calmly. "enough to where he will want to leave from his own volition. He'll be begging to be let out of here"

"that's fine"

"Huh?" you and Holly exclaimed at the same time.

"isn't that going a bit far?" you said.

"Dad what are you doing?"

The guards tried to stop them but before you knew it Avdol had gotten into a fighting stance and called out his stand, [Magicians Red].

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