#01 "Being his Wife"

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Being Seungcheol's wife is like raising a grown up kid. His innocently wild attitude gives our relationship a thrill.

  We fought over small things. For example, he gets disappointed whenever I forgot to buy a new tube of toothpaste.

  He appreciates my simple present. One time, I gave him a litre of Yoghurt drink and he bragged it to his friends the day after.  Until now, he couldn't forget it.

  But this is the most thrilling part in our lives — teasing him.

  Today is our 5th year anniversary. We went to cinema and watched movie together. It feels like years since the last time we did.

  Seungcheol's brother is in charge of taking care of our two kids and he said that we can take our time.

  "This movie is boring," I heard him sighed. Tilting my head in wonder what made him vilify the movie he personally choose to watch, I saw him pouting his natural red lips.

  My husband is wearing a plain Uniqlo v-neck shirt. And when I promised to myself that I'll marry a guy who looks good with just a plain white shirt, I wasn't kidding at all. 

  "I think the ending will be something like killing the antagonist to save the Earth," he murmured in low tone, making sure that no one hears it except me. Seungcheol then touches his silver piercing before gawking back.

  I told him before to stop wearing piercing since he's married but he insisted that he won't. Well, I can't stop wearing short skirt when he always reminded me not to so... I understand. (But I'm planning to restrain myself when I turned 30).

  "What do you think?" He asked me. Yes. Me. Someone who isn't interested in watching action films — that's me.

  "If this bores you so much then should we go out?" I suggested as I placed my elbow on the chair's arm.

  "We cannot waste money. Tickets are so expensive so we should finish it."

  'Exactly. This is why reverse psychology has invented.'

  While I am getting bothered by my own complains, an idea popped up inside my head.

  We are in public place with many people around. Surely, this is the perfect time to tease him.

  Setting my plan, I grope his leg. He is wearing ripped jeans so shoving my fingers inside his pants' hole wasn't hard.

  "Sh*t," he cursed undertone. Some viewers glanced at him in grimace; maybe wondering what's his curse for when the scene in the movie is in the emotional part.

  Seungcheol held my hand then glared at me as if he is begging that I should stop.

  'Awwww. He's so cute.'

  Adding gas in flame, I sneered. "Why?" I leaned closer, much closer enough so I can blow air on his left ear. "You said it's boring. So I am entertaining you."

  His shoulder hunched in tense. "H-Honey. We're in public place," he replied in unstable voice before biting his lower lip really hard.

  His mind might say no, but I know that his body wants this.

  For the finishing bait, let me target his weakness.

  My hand that was in his lap finally landed on his chest. Through his shirt, I swirled my index finger around his nipple while I whispered, "Okay dear. I'll stop."

  Seeing how his ears reddened, it is a complete victory.

  Seungcheol stood up so sudden, a flashy move which made viewers from the back shouted their complains.

  "What are you doing dude?! Get down!" Complains blurted one after another.

  Chuckling on the side, I watched him pulled me up and out the cinema.

  "Where are we going? I thought you don't want to waste money?" I teased.

  He tend his rounded deer-like eyes on me but there's no soft in his gaze. They are rigid and impatient.

  "If you wanted thrill that much, Men's comfort room is enough. The space is narrowed." he marked before he pulled me inside the comfort room.

  That's how we spent our 5th year anniversary; very childish and sexy. Rawr~


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