Mission 1: Devil May Cry:(Rewrite)

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(Y/n)'s POV

Dante was calling the pizza place again, while I was looking at the little girl who was touching Dante's stuff, "Yeah, my usual pizza. The special mix with fresh ham and garlic potatoes. Rush delivery. What, my tab? Don't sweat the small stuff. Soon, I'll pay you in one fell swoop for everything. No olives. A large. Don't forget." Dante said on the phone with the pizza guy that was still on the phone with Dante.  Dante just threw the phone back to its spot.  Dante was looking at a magazine and he was looking at stuff but I didn't mind at all, "Are you two listening to me, Dante, (Y/n)?" Morrison asked us.

I was just playing the guitar because I wouldn't mind having my own time as well, "Didn't you hear us? We're studying." Dante said to Morrison.  I just giggle at Dante's comment, Dante looked up from his magazine and he gave me a smile before he got up and started talking to Morrison, "I may be a man and (Y/n) a woman that we both take off jobs, but the two of us have no desire to baby-sit some brat." Dante said to Morrison.  I just chuckled at this before the little girl heard Dante, "Brat?" The little girl asks Dante.  I looked at the little girl before I muttered to myself, "We better get paid for this because how are we going to eat?" I ask myself.  Dante just walks close to me before he wraps his arm around my waist.

Morrison looks at us before he opens a can of beer, "Listen, Dante, (Y/n). She may be a kid, but... Oops... My apologies." Morrison said to us, but he stopped talking because the little girl got mad at Morrison because she didn't like when people called her a 'kid'.  Morrison was telling us, "She is not just any girl. She's Patty Lowell... A Cinderella girl who is heiress to the Lowell family fortune." Morrison said to us.  I looked at Morrison before I told him, "She sure doesn't look it." I said to Morrison.  Morrison just tells us, "That's because all this time she's been living as an orphan downtown." Morrison said to us.

Dante moved his arm off of my waist before he grabbed a stick to hit the balls on the pool table, while I was watching him play, "We see. Like Cinderella after the magic wore off." Dante said to Morrison.  Morrison told us that the Lowell family passed away and she is the only one that is still alive, "If you two like, I could always hire you as my servants and you could be my maid..." Patty said to us with a little smirk on her face.  Dante stops playing his game before he looks at Patty with a pissed off look on his face before Dante wraps my waist again before telling Patty, "Whatever." We both said to her.

Patty was still smirking at us, but lucky Morrison broke the tense between me, Dante, and Patty, "Basically, it has been requested that you two have to escort Miss Patty back to the Lowell Mansion by 6:00pm tomorrow." Morrison said to us.  I looked at Morrison before asking him, "That's all?" I ask Morrison.  Morrison just looks at me before he tells me, "That's all." Morrison said to me.  Dante looks at Morrison before he tells him, "We won't do it. We both got a pizza on the way..." Dante says to Morrison.

Morrison told us that there was no pizza coming and that he talked to the people that work at that pizza place that if we pay our tab full.  I was pissed at Morrison because I was hoping that our pizza would come but I guess not.  Morrison was using his coin again and it was a heads or tails game.  Dante decided to pick heads but he lost, Dante grabbed his red trench coat and put it on, while I grabbed my leather jacket on, "You're not much of a gambler, are you?" Patty asks Dante.  Dante did not like that before he told Patty, "Shut up." Dante says to Patty.  I opened the doors and the three of us were about to walk out but Morrison called Dante's name out.

Morrison gave Dante a guitar case, I was thinking his sword was in there, so I didn't say anything to Morrison.  Morrison was walking out of our shop before he told us, "I'm counting on you two." Morrison said to us.  Dante got his red car out and I sat next to Dante, while Patty was sitting in the back seat.  Dante starts the car before we are off, but it did feel nice to feel the cool breeze from being in a car.  I felt Dante's hand was holding my hand, but before we could say anything to each other.  Patty was talking to us, "I could come to see your show." Patty said to us.

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