Chapter 2

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When I got home from school I grabbed a pack sour patch kids. When I got done with my snack I changed out into a black tank top and white shorts. Top it off with a pink flower crown and I redo my makeup. "Lets go Alise" my mom yelled. Oh ya did I mention that we do alot of yelling in this house I really dont know why we just do. "Comin mother" I yell


We knock on the door and Nila answers "Hello Alise and you must be her parents nice to meet you" they introduced them selfs and all that good stuff then we walk in the house and go to the back yard it was pretty big and I see 3 boys and they were playing football. Fun. Im being sarcastic here. "HAYES,NASH,AND CHAD GET OVER HERE" she yelles she yells pretty loud I think I need her to yell at people for me. They all came over here sweaty, gross "well let me introduce you to our new neighbors this is Alise and these are her parents Ashley and Josh" she says "Hi nice to meet you all" Chad says shaking our hands. "Why dont you boys take her inside or something while your dad fixes dinner" Nila says "okay" we all say. "Im Nash and this is is Hayes"he says pointing at him then Hayes. "What would you like to do Alise? We have an Xbox if you would like to play it" Hayes asked me "sure and you guys dont have to be so nice to me you know that right?" I say "I want to be nice to you but I'm going to take a shower dont get her pregnate hayes" Nash said laughing "oh my god Nash I have a girlfriend" he says "That slut that you call a girlfriend, ya thay wont last long" Nash said heading up the stairs Hayes just rolling his eyes. "When Nash gets out of the shower want to prank him?" I ask him "totally" he says smirking "lets smack cam him" he says "whats that" I ask him "it is when you get like when you smake some one then recored it kinda says it in the name" he explained. "Ya it kinda is" I say laughing "c'mon lets go get some stuff" "okay" I say foolowing him, I grab honey and Hayes grabs whipped cream. "Nash takes really long showers so I want to know about you" "um.. okay well first off I'm 14 and I moved her from Bloomington Indiana and I'm the only child" I tell him "lucky I want to be the only child" he complains "well it sucks when my mom and dad are on business trips I'm loney and have no one talk to" I say looking at the ground "why were you loney what about you friends, if you dont me asking" he says "I was home schooled" I lied "oh". "I think I we should wait by Nash's door untill he comes out" I say trying to change the subject "okay wanna race" Hayes says "of course" I say "ready set go" he says as we start running I get ahead of him then he starts to catch up and he then tripped me I got up and laughed and headed up the stairs and then stared tip towing up the stairs but Hayes is already (A/N dang you is slow af) we hear the door close to the bathroom and we get into position (A/N or commando mode) then we hear footsteps come to the door then... BAM!! honey and wipped cream in his face "what the fuck you two" he says really mad and we just started laughing our asses off as we are running down the stairs. We sit on the couch and calm "hey do you want to..."

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