Part 13

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Phoebe's POV

All I see is black, after we arrived at an old looking house the men put a blind fold on me. I don't know what to do! I am scared! I am currently in a room all alone with my hands taped together.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard the door open and someone enter the room. Based on the sound of their foot steps, I believe they are in front of me. The person took the blind fold off of me, causing me to blink a bunch of times to get used to the lighting of the room. When my eyes finally adjusted to the lighting as I see the man in front of me.

"w-what do you what with me?" I ask slowly.

"I don't want anything from you, I want what something from your mom." he says while smirking. I realized that this man wasn't the guy I was talking to at the park...he was one of the men that was dragging Peyton. Wait Peyton!?! Where is she?

"Where is my mom??"

"Let's just say she is having a very interesting conversation with my friends." I automatically started to worry as he said that.

"When are we going home? I want to go home with my mom!" I start to cry as I say this.

"You will go home eventually...just not now! Stop being so whinny or else one of my friends will come in here and smack you!" he warned me as he left the room shutting the door behind him.


Peyton's POV

I am all alone in a room, when a man walks in. I instantly recognize him as the man that was talking to the girls in the park!

"Hello darling! It is so nice of you to visit me." He says while smirking evilly .

"Yeah well I wasn't given much of a choice!" I say while death glaring him. A few seconds after I made that remark, his hand came swinging towards me making hard contact with my face. My cheek stung badly because of how hard he slapped me.

"don't you dare speak to me like that!?! You will respect me, guests always have respect since they are the visitors!" he said sternly.

"How can I have respect for someone who beat up my best friend and kidnapped my daughter and I!?!" When I made that remark, he grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me to the other side of the room! ouch! This hurts like hell! Once we arrived at the other side of the room, he pulled my head back by pulling my hair so I am now facing him.

"Do you see this sweet heart? It is called a knife! It is amazing what little sharp things like these can do! I may even make a surprise visit to precious little Phoebe now...I am sure she would like to know what it is capable of doing!" he said while dropping my hair, walking to the door!

"No wait!?! I will listen! I will do whatever, just don't touch her! Please, I will respect you!" I scream, which causes him to grin while walking back into the room.

"Good! But I am warning you, if you do anything that I tell you not to...I will show Phoebe the abilities of a knife!" he warned as I nodded ever so slightly.

"I will I promise! Just don't touch her!" I promise him. He nods agreeing with what I said.


Liam's POV

After Louis explained everything that happened, the doctor walked in and told me that I only broke a rib and to be careful because I had a lot of bruising on my body. But I didn't care...all I cared about was Peyton and Phoebe!

Louis and I left the hospital and called Paul (our tour manager and security guard), we told him our situation. Paul said that he was going to check the security cameras in the park, so he could identify the men. He also decided to try and locate Peyton and Phoebe by Peyton's phone. He told us to go home and that he would call us when he knows anything new.

We went to Louis' house and sat on the couch watching the TV. But I couldn't get the girls out of my head! My thoughts got interrupted when Louis' phone started to ring!


Peyton's POV

Ever since I agreed to do what ever they wanted, they have been grinning evilly at is really creepy! I was taken from my thoughts when the man said

"so this is what you are going to do. You are going to dial one of the one direction boys' number and put me on the phone. I am going to make a deal with them and if they disagree, you are going to start screaming for help" I nodded even though I felt terrible doing that to the boys! One of the men handed me their cell phone and handed it to me. I hesitantly dialed Louis' number. It started to ring so I handed it to the man. He grinned because I was actually doing as told.

"Hello?" I hear Louis say. Oh how I missed him dearly, well I missed all the boys!

"Hello Louis!" the man said in an evil voice which was very creepy if I must say!

"Who is this and why are you calling? How did you get my number?" Louis questioned, he probably thought it was a pap.

"I am the host of an amazing visit from my visitors Peyton and Phoebe. I got this number from Peyton  who was so kind to give it to me! I called to make a deal." he said

"Wait what!?! What type of deal??"

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