When Four announces that it's "Alcohol Time," I really didn't know how to react. I've never drank before so I'm nervous and a little scared. My dad drank some times and my punishments would get so severe I'd black out for multiple hours.

I see Christina staring at me so I look around at everyone and I find myself grinning. I'm still sitting down and Shauna gets up and practically drags me in the huge kitchen with everyone else.

Someone hands me a shot glass that is blue and has "Drink Till' He's Cute!" written on it. I turn around and try to find the ugliest person in the room.


I take a shot. Nope he's still ugly. I take another shot. Nope. I take another shot and he's still ugly so I take a break from shots and look around at everyone else. No one was taking shots, they were eating jiggly colorful stuff.


Everyone knows I love jello and when Christina hands me a red one, which is my favorite, I gobble it down.

Except it doesn't take like jello. It tastes bitter and strong. Oh! There's alcohol in it!

I take another jello shot and this one is grape and I eat it and then I feel all warm and fuzzy. I take one last shot with my cute shot glass, and I try to make my way back to the party room but I stumble and I almost fall but some one grabs me before I hit the ground. I look up and see none other than Eric and he looks so cute! I have to restrain myself from kissing him.

He smirks at me and puts me upright and leans in close and I thought he was going to kiss me but he puts his mouth near my ear.

"You look good Tris," he purrs.

"Thank you!!!" I giggle and blush and that makes Eric smirk at me again and he hugs me and at the end of the hug, his hands "accidentally" go down to my butt and that makes me blush even more and it makes his smirk at me again.

We walk to the party room and his hand is right above my butt so I'm still blushing as we walk into the room and everyone stares at us, especially Four. If looks could kill, Eric would be about 7 feet under.

'Why does he look so mad?' I think to myself as I plop down next to Christina and our game of Candor or Dauntless continues.

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