Chapter 2~ Sky

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My sixteenth birthday.

Sixteen years now, and I'm still considered different. I've never fit in with everyone else, and I know why, I just don't tell anyone else. Its my secret.

I have always tried to meet new people, but as soon as I act like myself, people get drawn away from me. I have wanted to fit in since forever, but silently I knew that I could be.

I found ways to be okay with the fact that I was alone. It took time, but it worked. Slowly, I was able to be alone and still be happy. Or at least mostly happy.

I have been different for as long as I can remember. Alone, and okay with being alone. Always at my best point durning a rain storm, or a windy day.

When I was a child, maybe 4, I sat, staring out the window during thunderstorms. And children are usually scared of thunder and lightning. I would take walks in the rain. All the time. I would sit in the field behind my house, and get totally soaked.

My parents did realize that I was different from other kids. They just thought it was a faze. They thought that it would be something I would grow out of. They thought it was just part of a children's growth.

They couldn't have known any better. They only had my brother for experience, and they didn't know many other young children.

Only I knew that it wasn't a faze.

I remember the night I realized this clearly. That one completely clear night when I was about 10 years old, when I really just wanted some rain, and traced the picture of a rain drop the window. And it started to dribble. It was almost like a dream. My wish was granted.

Then I traced a secound drip next to the first, and almost instantly, it started to rain harder.

I had needed one more thing to be sure of what I was doing. I drew a long, jagged lightning bolt. Almost instantly, it went from rain, to a full on shower. I sat back as my storm was created, and a huge bolt of lightning pierced the sky.

And I just watched. The sky was illuminated. I wasn't scared. I was intrigued. That is when I realized that it was not a dream and was not wish granting.

It was weather control.

I read everything I could on weather control after that. Sure, there were tons of books on so called "powers" like the ones I possessed, but they all treated it like it was magical and mystical. They acted like it was under control all the time.

They acted like it was a made up thing that only occurred in books and far off places.

I knew that my powers were very real, and that they were definitely not easy to control.

Now when I look back on this, I realize this is when things became clear. I fully realized that I had something weird about me.

This is when I first thought about the fact that nobody I knew could change weather. And that I was very different.

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