Chapter 19

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" agent Kerr."

I turned to nod at the man. He was my height and had blue eyes that were covered by sunglasses.

" who are you?" I asked impatiently.

He held out his hand." Agent Phil Coulson. The director wants to speak to you."

It was now the next day. Six days until I die. Perfect....just...perfect.

I shook his hand hesitantly." Fine."

He pulled his hand back quickly as steam started to rise from our gripped hands. I looked down with widened eyes to see my hands red." Sorry I have a habit of doing that."

He kept a straight face." You have a lot of habits for doing things." Coulson walked away then.

" you know. Things aren't always as they seem. You don't know anything about my life." I called after him.

He turned and gave me a look before nodding his head in front of him. I groaned loudly and followed him.

As we walked I took note. He walked swiftly, left foot first, tho he was not left handed. He always keeps a watch on his left hand so that when he's working with his right hand he can lift up his left to check the time. He held himself almost like he was in charge of something....I pondered my thoughts. A team. He has his own team that's why he carries himself like he is in charge.

I swerved to the right to avoid an agent. We were at our spot.

Coulson opened the big black doors that revealed a dark office with one small light illuminating a dark figure at his desk.

I nodded to Coulson and walked through, hearing the doors click closed behind me.

" director." I sassed, folding my arms over my chest." Tell me what you want."

He cleared his throat and folded his hands over his lap." Agent. I've got a mission for you."

I leaned against the wall." I'm listening."

He stood." Henry Dark. Level seven scientist, wanted for murder, experiment-"

I sucked in a breath." I know him. Just cut to the chase."
He raised his eyebrow and continued.

" our sources believe he will be at such thing called a, 'midnight ball' tonight. I want you to go there and scout him out, agent Romanov will help you with your outfit and will brief you on the rest of the gala." I rolled my eyes and groaned inwardly. " alright. When do I leave?"

He leaned in closer." In an hour."

I spun on my heels to leave and was almost out the door went he spoke words that made me want to scream.

" oh I forgot. Agent Barton is going as your date."

He said it almost mockingly and I whirled around to face him." No chance in hell am I going with that ass!" The flames burned in my eyes and my hands started to heat up.

He stood." If you don't. Your labeled as a criminal and we will not help you find Henry."

I growled and rolled my eyes." But this is all just playing a part right? He's not actually my date." The words made it sound almost desperate.

He shrugged, a small smirk playing on the corner of his lips.

" depends. He is if you want him to be, and I know you do."

" shut. The. Hell. Up." I growled.

He just laughed and I disappeared from the room in a cloud of mist, no clues that I was ever there.

'Ugh. At least it's only one mission.' I thought to myself as I paced the room. Suddenly a knock sounded and judging by the knock it was Agent Romanov. I opened the door and she walked straight in, a dress in hand and a medium sized bag." Let's get started shall we?" She sighed, setting the stuff on my bed.

I grumbled as I followed her to my mirror." If you need more information about the gala, it is called the midnight ball because its a once a year thing where everyone where's black. Everything they wear is black. Civilians think that it's just a midnight party but sources lead us to believe that Henry is in charge of this. It's not to celebrate midnight, it's to celebrate the birth of his greatest"

I sighed." Yeah I already knew that as well. And it's true. Midnight is another name for darkness and I am darkness, which means he knows I'm coming."

She smirked." That's why I came prepared."

I folded my arms over my chest and used one hand to brush my hair from my eyes." Well lets get this over with."

She pulled out a long, ball styled black gown. The top half was partly sequins and party just black material. The bottom half was filled with black ruffles falling down to the bottom. It went at least to my ankles. Agent Romanov also pulled out a pair of black heels, ear rings, and necklace.

I let out an exasperated groan." Fine." I took the clothes and stomped into the bathroom to change. After slipping on everything I looked in the mirror and smiled for the first time in weeks.

I actually didn't look, half bad. Then I noticed the scars. They ran from my shoulders all the way onto my wrists.

" shit." I muttered, casting a spell on my skin to make a layer over top of it, making the scars invisible, for now.

The final touch that I did was straighten my long black hair.

It then made it fall all the way to my hips. Finally I was finished and I stepped out of the bathroom and back into the room.

Romanov stood with a bag of weapons In her hands. Once she noticed me she smiled." You look nice." I nodded and half smiled." Thanks."

She handed me the gadgets." Your gonna need some weapons. First, two gun holsters that go on your thighs, and guns of course. We made an invisible utility belt for you with your vibranium knives installed in it. And finally, your earpiece." She headed me all three things and I nodded." Thank you for your help-"

" just call me Natasha." She smiled. I grinned." Than call me Thalia."

She nodded her head." I think Barton is waiting outside and the jet leaves in five." I gave my thanks to her finally and she left, closing the doors softly behind her.

Finally, peace and quiet. I slipped on the belt and strapped my holsters onto my legs, still trying to find out how to get them out. I then put in my ear piece. Before I left I slipped one more weapon into my dress. My favorite dagger. I put it on my calf so that the tip was the only part visible.

Now, I was good.

I walked swiftly to the door and swung it open, trying to avoid the gaze that Barton gave me as I walked out.

" you ready?" He asked after finally snapping out of his trance.

I nodded and finally decided to look at him. He wore a black tux and black shirt and pants. Well, lets just say everything he wore was black.

" let's get this over with." I muttered before following him down the halls towards the landing pad.

On our way I passed by stark who wolf whistled to me." Where you going?" He called.

I turned around and smirked." A party."

"Why?" He asked with a playful grin.

I smirked again." Cause I need to catch someone."

He leaned against the wall." Who?"

I turned around and started to walk Away. " a man." I said with a turn of my head.

I heard him snort." Well that's descriptive."

You'r damn right.

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