Part 19

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„Man, I'm hungry…“ Beth yawned and scratched the scar on her forehead. Luckily, it was on the upper left side so it could be hidden with hair. Also, it had a shape of a crescent moon.
Beth accepted the fact that she’ll have to live with that until she dies; if it didn’t disappear after two months, it never will.
She was pulling another all-nighter, this time for school because the essay for English still wasn’t finished and the deadline was tomorrow, for the last day of school before spring holidays. The theme was ‘What do I want to do in my future’, as if they were in kindergarten. This was Beth’s weak point because she already had a job and couldn’t imagine anything else. Kind of sad.
Somehow she managed to write 600 words and then was when she went to eat. Well, it was 7 in the morning, anyway.

                                                        * * *

“Beth, are you going home now?” Deb asked while waiting for Beth to take her books. “No, I’m going to celebrate.”, “Celebrate what?”, “Not having to see Mike anymore.”, “Ah, yes, he quite tortured you in these two months.”, “You think?” Beth sarcastically asked and closed her locker with a loud slam. All the errands befell her ‘by chance’. Sharing the tests, solving tasks or helping some students that didn’t understand. It could be worse if Sebastian didn’t talk to him.
“I swear to God, that guy has some serious personal issues with me. You coming with me?” Beth quickly changed the subject. “Where?”, “Well, I was thinking about pizza because I’m hungry.”, “Sorry, no can do.”, “Okay.” Beth simply said and shrugged her shoulders. “You’re not gonna ask why?” Deb dragged the question and Beth laughed. “No, you’re going to tell me, anyway.”, “True. Well, I’m going to Claude’s place.” She happily said and started humming a tune from some song. “You’re still with him?” Deb stopped humming and looked at Beth with ‘are you fucking kidding me’ face. “I’ve been talking about him for the past 4 months.”, “Oh? I thought you were telling that to Emily and Amy. I’m not listening to you all the time.”, “Yeah, I can see that.”, “Anyway, use protection.”, “Beth!” Deb yelled with a disgusted face and tried to hit her, but Beth skillfully dodged. “What? As if you won’t have-”, “Enough! Please, enough. It’s not like we jump each other every time we’re together.”, “But you still do.”, “Shut your mouth. Hey, it looks like you’ve got company.” Deb smirked and fastened her pace. “See you over the breaks.” Beth frowned and made a confused face. “What are you ta-”, “Beth!” she twitched at the sound of her name only because it came out of Mike’s mouth and cursed Deb in her mind for leaving her. “Beth, wait up.” He yelled through the hall while running to meet Beth. “Hey!” he said when he caught up to her and smiled, showing his pearly white teeth. Beth didn’t say a word, but continued walking to the exit. “Are you going home?”, “No.”, “Then where?”, “None of your business.”, “Come on, tell me.”, “Fuck off.” He laughed and sighed. “Then I’ll just follow you.” ‘Somebody kill me.’

                                                        * * *

“Hey, Beth. The usual?” Myra, the woman who worked at Pizza Hut and befriended Beth, asked for her order. “Hey, Myra. No, I’ll take jumbo Pepperoni pizza and Mountain Dew.”, “Coming up. What about you?” Myra asked Mike who stood next to Beth.
Beth sat next to the window and Mike joined her a moment after. “Do you really have to sit here?” she asked him, getting angrier by every second. “I’m not going to eat you. Besides, you weren’t complaining before.”, “That was before, this is now.” She answered back and ignored him by looking out of the window until her order came. Mike ordered as same as she did. In the past two months, Beth noticed that Mike copied Sebastian’s style of wearing. Black jeans, shirt in dark color with a matching tie, sport suit jacket, Converse shoes and a one-shoulder college-like bag. Except that Sebastian wore Neo Adidas or Vans brand of shoes. Yes, Beth was that detailed in observing that she was looking at his footwear. The best part of it, which made Beth happy for some reason, was that all of it looked better on Sebastian, no argues there. “You’re eating a lot.” Beth couldn’t mishear that part. She also couldn’t not notice that he was staring at her breasts the most part of the time. “Yeah, it’s a part of life, I can’t help it. Sorry.” She sarcastically said and started eating faster while looking outside again where a black BMW just parked near the store and she immediately thought of Sebastian. Probably because he was driving the same as that one. “Have you gained weight?” ‘Insolent son of a bitch.’ “Only for your information – yes, I did. I’ve gained precisely 24 and now I have 127 pounds.”, “Whoa, isn’t that a little too much?”, “Unless you have some fucked up fetish for anorexic girls, then no, it isn’t.”, “You’ll be fat otherwise.”, “Go back to sucking dicks on your college. Oh, yeah, say hi to your parents. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the toilet. Do NOT follow me, understand?” When he nodded with his mouth opened a little, Beth picked her stuff and left.
“Please Myra, flirt with him or something, just to retain him for a while.”, “Why? He’s a hottie, I don’t see a problem.” Myra joked while looking from Beth to Mike. “Please? I’ll explain later.” Beth begged her with desperation in her voice. “I’ll see what I can do.”, “Thank you, you’re the best.” She smiled and stormed out of the place to the street, hoping that Mike wouldn’t follow her. It was like she was running from a killer.
From the interior of the nearest store there was, Beth watched if he was going to come there. And curse her luck, he did.
‘Fucking, shitty, insolent bitch!’ Beth repeated in herself while escaping from one aisle to another. She didn’t know if he knew that she was there or if he was shopping. ‘You’re pathetic, Beth. Running from one puny, despicable man. If only I wasn’t living that far away.’  
Like a miracle, Sebastian appeared in the same aisle as Beth. ‘So it was his car, after all.’ was all that she was thinking at the moment. She quickly got to him with her brisk walk and stood behind him. “Are you stalking me now?” he asked jokingly after he even noticed her presence. “Please help me.” She whispered and got closer to him. “Who’re you hiding from?” Sebastian started to whisper, too. “Mike.” Beth answered with hatred in her voice. “He’s been following me since school.”, “That’s kind of creepy.”, “You’re telling me.”, “Why are we whispering?” Sebastian asked after a few seconds. “So he doesn’t know I’m here. Hold still.” She said and turned him so he was facing at the end of the aisle, while she hid behind him, practically leaning on his back. He was a good hiding spot for Beth because of the difference in their sizes. And they were both wearing black. “Take something and pretend you’re reading it.”, “I am doing that already.”, “Oh… okay. Did he pass by?”, “Nope. Are you sure he’s following y-”, “Sebastian! Hey man!”, “Michael.” Sebastian greeted politely and more quietly because he had manners, unlike the other man who’s shouting so the whole store could hear him. “You doing some shopping?” Beth heard him coming closer to Sebastian, starting a conversation. “Yes.” Sebastian answered after a few seconds of silence, as if the chart in his hand wasn’t proving it. “How about you? Looking for something?” Mike laughed and sighed. “Yeah, do you know where Cheetos are?”, “I believe they’re in the snacks section.”, “Oh, right, figures. Thanks for the help.”, “Always.” Sebastian replied and Beth could hear Mike’s steps rambling.

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