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We're on Fire


We once met in ashes
through a fire I have never seen.
Who would have thought we'll burn
despite the old smell of gasoline.

No one knew it was dangerous
and we'll end with an explosion.
Even if the candle comes with pyro
Ignition still starts as the conclusion.

We'll keep burning day-to-night
awake until it's another time to bed.
We never seek and find hints
but it's better to keep things unsaid.

When two matches strike one another
it welcomes the feeling that's hot as hell.
Consider it a perfect match
cause loving is what we both can tell.

With the two of us having eye contacts
comes my certainty of desire.
Let's get each other mixed
to enkindle one everlasting fire.

Flame, that's what you and I became
call the phoenix and welcome the flare.
I the kerosene and you the gasoline
we really are the perfect pair.


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