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Likes:@vikkgram and others@EvieMinterxx:me and my brother made and important video on my channel so check it out 💕

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Likes:@vikkgram and others
@EvieMinterxx:me and my brother made and important video on my channel so check it out 💕

@w2sgang:oh shittttt

@w2sluxsfreezy:you've got Harry

@miniminer:go check it out 💓

@calfreezy:me: *calling Harry and cal*

@callux:@calfreezy me: *answers says ask harry*

@taliamar:awe so sad but it's all going to be okay 💜💜

@tobijizzle:if you struggle give me call and help you

@wrotoshaw:@callux @calfreezy me: *doesn't pick up because he playing fortnite*

@EvieMinterxx:🙄🙄 @wrotoshaw

"Hay guys so......."Evie said and looks at Simon for help he smiles

"Everyone who lives in the sidemen house has wanting to leave and get there own places and everyone will make individual videos why and what they doing but this one...we made a deal"Simon said

"The deal was when these guys move out I'll move out this was because I was starting up YouTube and I didn't have any money but this passed year and half has been amazing but it's time to move out"evie explains

"The thing is about my sister she can't be on her own and even when she first moved in it was a big step so moving away from me will be hard"Simon explains

"But you'll miss me too"evie said with a little smile

"You know what I will, this girl done everything in a year and a half like music, tours a boyfriend who Harry and I still can't get my head around it"Simon said and they both laugh

"You thought me everything I known so far..."evie said and they look at each other and had a little brother and sister heart to heart

"It's like letting a baby bird be free from the best I thought you everything and I let you free but I'll still see her and make videos obviously like we see each other all the time"Simon said

"Yeah it isn't the end of the world but just hard for me because that means I'll probably get a flat on my own but I'll keep you updated...so just a quick video but I wanted to explain"Evie said

"So thank you for watching make sure you subscribe almost at 750k"evie said and they said goodbye and turned the camera off

"You good?"Simon said

"Yep"evie said she's been shutting everyone out she walked back into her room Simon just let her at this point he bored trying to help her out

Evie a girl that never lived on her own and yes she's got Harry, Simon and everyone but she's stressed out from living on her own she's never done it before She flopped on her bed thinking about the 2 months she had to find a place and move out of not she would consider moving back home or on the streets

"Knock knock"evie hears a familiar voice and she turned around to see Harry with a takeaway coffee cup in his hand

"Baby what you doing here?"she says innocently

"Since you never answer your phone and when you do always cancel on me so I thought I just turn up..."Harry said she smiled a little

"I also got you a cappuccino from that coffee shop you like near my apartment"Harry said she took it and took a skip and Harry sat down on the bed it was dead quite

"You need to talk to me, listen you may be able to get your brother from stop checking up on you but you won't stop me"Harry said

"I'm just scared"evie said

"About? Moving"Harry said

"Harry I'm a girl that's not meant to live alone"evie said he sighed and cuddled her and then he heard sniffling and realised she was crying then he realised it was bad

"Hay hay it's going to be fine"Harry said and the laid back on the bed evie moved so she was rested on Harry chest

"I know finding and apartment and moving in one my self it's not what I'm meant for"evie said

"Did I tell you me cal and cal are moving? To a new apartment away from the tower"Harry said

"Right? What you saying?" Evie said

"Well I was looking at the apartment today while you was here filming and the boys said I can have the upstairs bedroom...on suite walking wardrobe and I don't need no walking wardrobe even cal and cal said you love it"Harry said

"Harry I happy you find an amazing apartment but I'm stressing right now!"evie said

"Why you stressing? You got a place already"Harry said evie looked at him confused

"Evie move in with me!"Harry said she smiled

"Oh my god!! I love you"evie said gaining him a kiss

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