you have reaped what you have sown

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Samantha gets up and dresses in a black shirt and jeans. She brushes her hair and then goes down stairs eating breakfast. Her father walks around "shouldn't you have a job?". Samantha looks up at Him "you won't let me get one. Everytime I ask you say you won't drive me or support me". He snaps "yeah and? Make yourself useful". She just shuts her mouth and walks to school. She walks around in the hallway to class and passes by a guy in a black hoodie with his black hair over his eyes. Samantha had never seen him before but she continues walking to her class.

Five hours earlier
At 2 am the man comes in with a knife and walks towards Jamie. "Alright kid. I'm getting bored with you. I think I'd rather have a girl slave instead of you" the man laughs in a cold slithering tone. "YOU SON OF A BITCH IF YOU STEP ONE FOOT-" Jamie is cut off by a punch in the face. "You'll do what looser?" He presses the knife against Jamie's throat. "Ill....i.." Jamie studders and the man laughs. Jamie starts thinking about all the pain and suffering he's been through hoping he'd get out. All the hatred. Then out of nowhere his eyes go red. "ILL KILL YOU" Jamie's voice booms around the cell like a echoing banshee. The man stumbles back "what the hell!!". Jamie pulls the chains he's in out of the wall and within a second he was in front of the man. "You have reaped what you have sown" Jamie snape the man's neck with his bare hands. Jamie looks at his body which seems to be surrounded with a red light. "Superpowers? Awesome!" He starts dancing around like a little kid then accidentally hits a wall knocking it down. "Well shit- " then the realization hits him. Jamie had finally escaped and killed the man. He has no idea what to do next. He soon decides to put on some clothes and see if he can find someone who knows him.

The present time
Jamie walks for a hours until he sees a familiar house. He stops and watches a girl walk out. He can't put his finger on who she is but he knows her somehow. He follows her to school. She finally seems him standing in the hall. Of course he didn't know it but she is samantha. Samantha went in her class and sat down. "Alright today class we'll-" the teacher began and samantha just zoned out. Meanwhile, Jamie walked around the school waiting for samantha thinking about how he knows her. The bell rings and samantha hasn't completed any of her work.  The teacher of course responded with calling her parents.
Samantha walked out of the classroom and into a bathroom  thoughts swirling about how her parents treat her and how she has no friends.  Well long story short  she ripped the sink out of the wall. Samantha jumped then looked in the mirror to see glowing red eyes  then realized they are hers. "THE HELL?" She runs out the bathroom  and out the school and straight into guess who? Jamie. She looks up at him thinking she knows him "who are you?" He responds with the same question.  "You tell me first " samantha says. "I'm Jamie" he says.  "Never heard of you that I know of,but, I'll call you Jelly Jam. You kno because jelly- nevermind "  Jamie steps back dazed. "What? Bad joke?" Samantha frowns. Jamie  has a flash of a little girl smiling.  "S... sammy.." Jamie looks down his eyes turning blue again.  Now it was samantha's turn to step back "No one has ever called me that besides..". He mumbles "besides  James Grim". Samantha stumbles "no it can't be. You went missing you-" her eyes turn back normal.  "I was held by a man in a cell tortured ever since I went missing" samantha gasps and hugs him. "I'm so sorry.." Jamie not used to affection kinda stumbles a bit. "Yeah. But I escaped when my eyes turned red". "Mine did that too! It felt fueled by pain and hate." Samantha replies.  "But it somehow felt good. Like you were letting off all that hurt." Samantha nods.

A little while later  samantha is in a argument with her parents about Jamie needing a place to stay. "But he has n-" she is cut off by both of them saying they don't care. Samantha's eyes start turning red. "SHUT UP. YOU BITCHES DON'T ACTUALLY CARE. Y'ALL ARE JUST BIGOTS"  her words somehow are heard in their heads. She storms out. "C'mon James we're leaving "  Jamie  nods and thinks. "Damn I don't wanna make her mad" he chuckles to himself.  They walk off searching  for a place to stay.

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