part 2

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finally school was over, it was time to get ready for the game. Seth and I walked down to the front of the school to meet his mom who was bringing us our pre game meal. While we waited outside he helped me spray my skirt with hair spray so it would stay in place. His mom pulled up and we walked down the stairs to meet her. we got our food and said that we would meet her after the game. We ate as fast as we could and he went to go change. I went and sat in the locker room so Sierra could put my bow in my hair. Around 6:30 we went in the hallway to stretch. "Ok ladies lets stretch. Clara you will be calling out the cheers tonight since its your birthday. The stunt groups will be like our practice this week and we will be doing our comp. Dance at half time. Any questions?" I say to the girls as captain. They shook their heads and stood in a circle. We said our prayer and got in our lines. We walked out to the track at 6:45, we sat our stuff down. We walked out onto the field and formed out spirit line. "Ladies and gentlemen if anyone from the home side would like to join our cheerleaders in the spirit line please do now." The announcer guy said over the loud speaker. A whole lot of people flooded the field. They lifted me and sierra up to hold the banner when the football players ran through. "And now for our starting line up. Our quarterback Number six Seth Matthews, number 77 Ryan Campbell, number 51 Brian Stanford..." he finished off naming the starters. They crattled me and I ran over to seth. I gave him a quick kiss and the crowd went nuts.


We were down by 4 with 45 seconds left in the fourth quarter. The cheerleaders were yelling a offense cheer. They had me Sierra and a sophomore named Jessica in a stunt. I looked back seth was running down the field with the ball and made a touchdown. We did our victory cheer while we were in the stunt. We got the extra point and won. The cheerleaders went onto the field with the rest of the crowd. They had the team meeting as usual after games. Seth and I met after like always and we took our usual picture together. We walked into the school together and we went our separate ways to go into the locker rooms. I got my stuff together and went and met him outside. I followed him back to my house. Jenson, my butler, met us at the front door. I handed him my bag and asked him to make me a mani pedi appointment and to play a scary movie in the movie room. I went into my room to change. I put on an old pair of shorts and cheer shirt. I grabbed a heavy blanket out of the closet and went into the movie room with seth.

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