part 1

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Walking into my walk-closet I think about what I should wear. I felt a tiny buzz in my pajama pants. I pull out my phone and unlock it. A text message from my boyfriend for two years, the starring quarterback of our high school team, Seth Matthews.


Hey baby. Hope you're ready for our big game. I know you will cheer your heart out. You look beautiful. I love you. See you soon.

I smirked at my phone


Good morning my quarterback. You dont know what I look like, I could look like just got Ebola. I love you see you at school.

I lock my phone and shove it back in my pocket. Laying on the couch is my uniform. I pick it up and stride over to the bathroom to shower. After I was done I blow dried my hair and straightened it till it was dead straight. I put on my make up and put on my uniform. I walked over to my full length mirror to take a selfie. I walked down to the kitchen. The chef made my favorite breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes and orange juice. After I was finished the butler took my plate and brought me my bag. I walked out our front door down our white stairs. I couldn't figure out if I wanted to drive my Lamborghini, jaguar, or my Ferrari. I haven't drove my lambo in a while so I took it. I drove to school and parked in the parking lot. I grabbed my bag, walked up the front steps of the school. I walked into the new gym and sat on the bleachers with my friends. I looked up and saw a group of football players. I looked my number. I felt something grab my foot and I let out a small scream. My boyfriend walked out from the crowd. I looked down at my feet and there was my best friend seirra. She cane up on the bleachers and pulled out a bag of facepaint. She painted #6 on my cheek for Seth. He came and sat beside me and I painted a pom pom on his face. We took a selfie together then took a selfie with our football and cheerleader squad. I uploaded it to instagram and locked my phone. We sat and watched a couple of seniors play basketball. I looked over at seth and kissed his cheek. The bell rang and seth walked me to my first class.

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