part 4

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Two hours later my toes were bright blue and my nails were acrylic and french tipped. I was getting kinda hungry so we stopped and got lunch and this dinner near the salon. I was getting tired so I laid my head on seth shoulder and closed my eyes.


I woke up on my California king bed with seth laying next to me. His light snores were so cute id hate to ruin it. I took a pillow and slammed it against him. He jumped up and tackled me. His forearm was a couple of inchs away from my head. He leaned down "you dont want to mess with me bina." He whispered as his lips tickled again my ear. I tried to wrestle him but he was so much bigger than me. Seconds later he had my arms pinned above my head. "I told you not to mess with me." He proclaimed he held my hands with one and started to tickle me with the other. I let out a squeal and started laughing. I was laughing so hard my stomach was hurting and I couldn't breathe. He slowly stopped and let go of my hands. "Are you done messing with me?" He sternly said. I nodded my head and looked at him. "Good." He said and flopped on me. I started laughing. "Get off me fatty you're squishing me." I said trying to wiggle under him. The speaker in my room. "Mrs. Wilson your food is prepared. When you are ready you may come eat." I heard a click signaling he had ended the call. He rolled off of me and walked together to go eat.


My parents were coming home for the weekend and I was kinda excited but we dont really associate when they're home. They were throwing a party so that means I could have people over too but we would spend the time in my room. I invited over our usual group if friends- Seth, Sierra, ryan, brian, tara, and a couple other football players and cheerleaders. It was the end of football and basketball was coming like next week and everyone is excited. The fall cheerleaders would lead the pep rally as always. And thats all that people were talking, how we would crush our rival school.

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