Chapter 1

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The room of requirement pulsated with loud music and hormones...the floor sticky with spilled alcohol and the air heavy with the odour of smoke and weed. Being the start of term, as usual, the students set up a 'secret' party in the room of requirement on the first night back at Hogwarts- the teachers definitely knew, but always decided to turn a blind eye out of good spirit.

Rosie had been reluctant to leave the Hufflepuff common room that night. She had been comfortable in the warm, familiar environment of it, with its low ceilings and soothing smell of honey and earth. She hadn't gone to a room of requirement party before, and although she was very friendly and social in her hufflepuff common room, she was often shy around new, non-hufflepuff faces. This meant she had often burrowed herself away for the four years she had been at Hogwarts so far, not existing to people of the other houses.

'Please Rosie.' Her friend, Bella asked patiently. 'There's no harm in giving it a go.'

A kind, understanding twinkle glimmered in Bella's green eyes, as she sat down next to Rosie, as if she was expecting her friend to decline anyways. Rosie half smiled at her. The thought of surfacing this late at night to face a load of rowdy griffindors, slytherins and ravenclaws caused knots to form in her stomach. Nervous, she chewed her lip, carefully thinking about how she was going to come up with an excuse to this years party too (she had used all the good excuses in the previous years and her mind had now gone blank). Casting her big brown eyes over Bella's face, she saw the earnest expression on her features. A prick of guilt went down her spine as she realised Bella hadn't ever gone to a room of requirement party either; because of her.

'Okay.' Rosie said, both surprising herself and her friend. Both their faces stretched into grins and Bella jumped up, ecstatic. The look on Bella's face made Rosie determined to have a good time and make it up to her for those years of missing out.

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