Beneficial tips for being a successful volunteer by Adrian Goh Guan Kiong

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Volunteer management is about making a wonderful first impression on your new volunteers as an integral part of your volunteer recruitment plan. Adrian Goh Guan Kiong is a Christian man who is working as a volunteer around local and overseas. He is always willing to encourage and inspire the people when they are in trouble to help them at any cost. He is always praying for others when they faced a problem. The image that every person takes responsibility, gives money, and fulfill others need that's mean you're a good volunteer for others. If we want to a successful volunteer in our life then we need to follow some steps. Let we are discussing the below:-

The First Four Minute

In those vital first four minutes of meeting someone we actually gain a first impression that can last for a lifetime. So when a person has decided to join up, what are their first impressions of you and your organization? You only have one chance to make a great impression. So here are  tips on the power of a great first impression for new volunteers.

1. The Importance of First Impressions

First impressions can make or break the volunteering experience. Make no mistake - the first few contact days are crucial for a new volunteer deciding whether to stay with you or stay away. Aspire to make your new volunteers immediately feel a sense of inclusiveness, contentedness, and belonging. The sooner a volunteer feels like they belong, the longer they are retained and feel recognized.


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2. Am I Going To Want To Stay Here?

Can you still remember your first day at your first job? Most people can and still feel the same emotions when recalling it years after. When your new volunteers or members ask themselves two questions, have I made the right decision in volunteering here? And Am I going to like it here? Ensure the answer is a resounding YES.

3. We Are Looking Forward To You Joining Us

Go further than the welcome when new recruits arrive - get in before they arrive. Call them before they start to check how they are and whether they have any queries. Remind them of how much you are looking forward to their coming on board soon. That should help with any last-minute cold feet! But if you haven't got time to do that - then have a 'pre-start volunteer' who rings all newly starting volunteers.

4. Welcome and Here's a Standing Ovation

Make their first time totally memorable for all the right reasons. Have you ever experienced the feeling of receiving a standing ovation? How memorable would it be for your new volunteers on their first day on-site to be greeted not just with a nod and a smile, but with a thunderous standing ovation from their new colleagues? How is this for volunteer recognition?

5. Such a Pretty Picture

How about putting a photo of the new star recruit in the reception area when they come in on their first day? Also, if you have a notice board that has a display showing pictures of your volunteers, then add the new recruit's picture to the board and make sure to point it out to them.


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6. Hello to you and welcome

Consider designing a special newcomer badge or shirt that every new volunteer wears for their first month. Let everyone else know so that they can all make a point of greeting anyone wearing the new recruits' shirt or badge.

7. I am Hyper-Sensitive Right Now

New volunteers have a heightened sensitivity as they settle in, especially in relation to how they are treated. So pay attention to the small details. Ensure that sense of belonging by providing a place to hang their coat, somewhere to keep their personal belongings safe, access to supplies, a workstation, and a place to go and relax.

8. Volunteer Management and Making Me Feel Special

Make sure to follow the advice of Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Visualize everyone is wearing a sign that says 'please make me feel important and special'. And don't think that using these ideas is going over the top. First impressions count and you want to make them memorable. So few other organizations ever do this and rarely really appreciate people from the very start. If you make people feel special and important from the start, they will stay with you much, much longer.

9. Converting Ideas for Faraway Volunteers

But what if your volunteers are internet-based or off-site? You can still take the tips above and convert them to fit for this group too. For instance, for your internet-based or on-line volunteers, you can send a pre-start email, a welcome card, or email and pt their picture on the website as the newest recruit. Just start using your imagination to adapt these ideas and welcome them aboard.

10. Everyone Will Benefit But do not stop just with your volunteers. A powerful first impression will have a lasting effect on all new employees too. So adopt these ideas with paid staff too. You do only get one chance to make a wonderful first impression so make it count.

Adrian Goh Guan Kiong the type of person who readies to help others at any time. He believes in donating the money for many charities like churches, hospitals, and many other things. He donates the money and sale the motivational books for the young youth. In hospitals, he gives wheelchairs to handicapped people. He is a very kind heart person because he provides the tutor class to the children at free of cost just because they become a good volunteer in future.

To be Continued...
Beneficial tips for being a successful volunteer by Adrian Goh Guan Kiong
Last updated: Jul 29, 2020
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