Chapter 2 "The Awakening of a Diamond"

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Steven's POV

Usually, fixing a gem would only take a few minutes but it's been almost two weeks since we brought Spin and the cracked Black Diamond to Beach City....yet, we have made barely any progress with actually repairing Black Diamond. The first few times that I tried to heal it, it would glow very faintly but it wouldn't heal all the way. Finally, I resorted to leaving it in a pool of the water that we used to uncorrupt the gems and that's what I have been doing for the last week and half....but that has given us any results yet.

On the other hand, Spin has made progress with making friends but she still kept a very close eye on her Diamond's progress. She even tries to help out as much as she can but her efforts so far have also been in vain. Finally, it leads me to this current moment, where I'm going to try something very...different.

Steven: "Guys, I'm going to try and contact Black Diamond."

Everyone turned to me, and Spin sprinted straight up to me with a massive smile.


She started bounce up and down with joy, when she practically stopped jump with another question.


Steven: "well, I don't think you can. I have to be a sleep to be able to attempt to make contact with him. So it's not a for sure but it one of our best chances."

Spin seemed sad but still had a smile. She gave me a quick hug and whispered...

Spin: "Please, bring him back."

As she released me from the hug, I turned to the rest of the gang. Each had a worried face, except Garnet but I think that's because she's hiding it.

Pearl: "Steven, are you sure you want to do this?"

Peridot: "Yeah, what if he wakes up and attacks us?"

In a way, I knew that they might be right but....I didn't want to believe it. During the last couple of weeks, I learned as much as I could about Black Diamond and it left me uncertain. Yet, I knew that I couldn't just let any gem be in the situation that Black Diamond is currently in.

Steven: "Yes, I'm sure. I can't just let him stay like this. Not after what his been through. It's just not right, that's why I have to do this."

As I turned back around to face the semi-cracked Diamond, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn slightly and saw Garnet standing behind me with a faint smile.

Garnet: "We'll be here when you get back. Just try your best."

I gave Garnet a smile in return, and made my way to the couch. As I laid down, I couldn't help but wonder.....what is it going to look like. I knew that it would have there inner voice and their actual voices but..... I'm not sure that I'll be able to get in contact with him while his in his gem form.

I slowly closed my eyes, and waited for a sign. Finally I could hear it.

Pearl: "I really hope that Steven will be alright."

I opened my eyes and saw the almost like a cave with statues of the Crystal Gems. On top of them where the Gems themselves but they were only speaking what their inner thoughts were. As I floated up and looked around, I finally found the Diamond but it was massive, covered in small cracks...and was emitting light through said cracks. As I floated closer to it, I could here voices over lapping each other. It sound very similar to how the cluster sounded but....I could hear Spin's voice coming from the Diamond's cracks. As I reached out to it, I was engulfed in a bright burst of light.

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