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It now has just begun. Jeremy's parents died four months ago. He confided in me and clings onto me like i'm his only hope. Of course Elena doesn't like it but i'm pretty sure it's the soulmate bond. He depends on me.

Suprisingly he didn't do any drugs like in the show. I mean he does drink alcohol which isn't better but its not a whole lot. He's at my house, we were both naked under the sheets. He's a little spoon.

"Wake up you guys!" Caroline my little sister yelled banging on my door like a maniac. "Or else i'm going to eat your food!" Ok that woke me up.

"Caroline! Don't you dare!" I yelled back at her. I jumped off the bed tripping between the sheets grabbing my underwear and putting it on while trying to run to the kitchen. Forget bras i don't have one.

I ran to the kitchen topless. And tackled my little sister when she was going to pick the bacon off my plate. "OWW!" Caroline groaned. "You sure you don't play football?"

"Don't use sarcasm, i'm queen sarcasm -you're supposed to be queen bitch" I sassed. "Well "queen sarcasm" since we're both queens wanna make an alliance and get off me." I wordlessly got off of her.

I picked the bacon off the floor and threw it in the trash. "Not even 8 am and you're already tackling your sister, and topless?" The familiar chuckle came. "Well mom she threatened to take my food" i playfully glared at Caroline and sticked my tongue out at her. She did the same.

I looked at mom and she smiled ready in her sheriff uniform. "Good morning Mrs. Forbes" jeremy said shyly dressed for the day. Looked like he picked out my clothes since their in his arms.

"Morning Jeremy and please call me Liz" said back. "Right sorry." "Looks like you got my daughter clothes even though she's 18 already." I rolled my eyes. I grabbed the clothes from Jeremy kissed his lips "thank you oh amazing loving boyfriend of mine." I exaggeratedly said a goofy smile on my lips.

Jeremy smiled the same goofy smile as mine. And kissed my middle finger on my left hand that held my promise ring and i kissed his in return. I went to go put on the clothes Jeremy gave me

3rd person

"God I wish I had a relationship as cute as yours." Caroline complained hitting Jeremy on the chest. Jeremy nervously chuckled "I love your older sister with all of my heart" Jeremy said lovestruck.

"Usually the honeymoon phase ends right after a few months" Elizabeth Forbes commented sipping on her coffee watching the two. Caroline noddedd furiously and pouted "what can I say your sister has me wrapped around her finger and I enjoy it" Jeremy grabbed bacon and eggs comfartable to be with his girlfriends family more so than his.

Caroline had a longing sigh "yeahhh, but you break her heart I break your balls" Jeremy smiled chewing his bacon
"I gulp would never even if I did, i'm pretty sure she would that to me" Caroline and Liz had a fond smile.

"You damn right I would" Trinity walked down the stairs. She wore a leather jacked with a hoodie, White tank top, midthigh black skater skirt, black fishnets, black converse and the infinity symbol choker that Jeremy got her for her 18 birthday.

Jeremy smiled upon his girlfriend return. "You got what you need Jerbear?" Jeremy spends so much time at his girlfriends house that Trinity joked he should move in. Even half of Jeremy's clothes and bag were there. Also to the point that Trinity bought a toothbrush for him.

"Yup" he replied packing his girlfriends stuff. Which consists of manga, sketchbook and school supply crap. Both of his girlfriend backpack and his are on both of his soldiers. "Well it's time for me to go come on caroline" Liz says packing up. "Kay meet you inside the car mom, see yoy two at school." Caroline waltzed out Liz kissed Trinity on the cheek whispering in her ear "bye sweety."

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