Chapter 2 - Crayons

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Okay. So I'm going to rant a little bit.

My Wifi has been down for almost a day. Which doesn't seem like a lot of time, but I have a lot of work to do, so yes, it is. The reason why the Wifi was down, was because we wanted to switch Wifi networks. What we didn't know was that they had to come inside our house and drill. They didn't tell us either.

So the Roger's person called Bell, BEFORE HE'D EVEN DONE ANYTHING and told them to cut our phone line, even though they knew that we wouldn't be able to change Wifi networks.

So Bell cut our phone line(which meant the Wifi was cut too), and the Roger's person left. So then we didn't have any Wifi. We called Bell, and they told us that it would come on at 12am this morning. 12 hours ago. The Wifi finally came back on after a day, but still. What the fuck? Why would they do that? We specifically asked them NOT TO CUT OUR PHONE LINE. BUT THEY FUCKING DID IT ANYWAYS!

So that's the end of my rant. Thanks for coming to my Ted-talk, enjoy the chapter.

Kakashi had been living with Aizawa and Hizashi for about a week, and one thing he noticed was that they were perceptive. Very perceptive.

On this particular day, they told him that they were setting him up with a therapist. Great.

Kakashi had no problems with lying to a therapist, nothing he hadn't done before. But this therapist was different. Her power was that she could look into peoples worst memories just by touching them. Under no circumstances could she touch Kakashi. He could let her, just for laughs and giggles, but he would have to toy with her a bit first.

Kakashi was relatively confident in his abilities to lie, but he couldn't alter his own memories. That had never worked well for anyone. Even the most powerful genjutsu couldn't change the base of a memory.

The woman had brown hair and fair skin. She looked a lot like Rin would've if she was older.

They did the sessions in their living room. "Hello Hatake-san, my name is Nomura Rinji." Nohara Rin. Their names were so similar.

'Kami has a twisted sense of humour....'

"Let's sit down, shall we?" She tucked in her skirt and sat down across from Kakashi. "How are you doing today?"

"I'm okay." Kakashi nodded slowly. He was still reeling from her name.

"How is your new home? Do you like it?"


"I assume you've already been told about my powers." She smiled. Her calm and gentle tone never wavered, but she was in a rush to get this over with.

"I have. It's quite something." He replied.

"Thank you." She paused, waiting for him to say something. When Kakashi remained silent, she spoke again, "Do I have your permission to use it?"

"I... would prefer it if you didn't." Kakashi said truthfully. All he needed to do was play the role of a troubled child, and make it seem like she was helping him.

"And why is that?"

"They're my memories." Kakashi shrugged. "Would you want someone looking in your memories?"

"I don't have anything to hide." She smiled.

"And I do?"

"I wouldn't be here if you didn't." She remained calm. Kakashi scoffed.

"Tell me, Nomura-san, why are you a therapist?"

"My Quirk can help people." She answered shortly.

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