2.Time Really Flies.

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        I stayed at the place, which I think was the hospital, for maybe a week before the lady carried me off. When we reached outside, I was attacked by various colors and sounds. First was the blinding sunlight, then the voices of various people passing on the street. My eyesight and hearing had gotten better: I could see things that were 30cm away. But the signs on doors or the exact shapes of people's faces were as blurry as muddy water.

Still, I think that's a start.

        Apparently, I'm in Japan. At least, that's what I assume from the language they speak. The dialect is different, but I can manage to understand some words here and there. In my previous life, I had learned 10 languages. English (which was my mother tongue), French, German, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Russian. So, understanding what my 'mother' says is not too much of a challenge. I don't know if I can call her my 'mother', it's hard to replace my actual mom.

My 'mother' doesn't deserve this. It's so confusing.

        I haven't met my 'father' yet. My two assumptions are he is either away on business or he isn't.... around. Anyways, all I have been doing these past months is sleeping and calculating where I am and how I got here. So far, no answers. All the logical conclusions I've come up with have resulted in dead ends.

        Also, I would like to put out there, I was very uncomfortable during diaper changes and breastfeeding. Of course, my mother didn't mind. Why would she? I was just a baby to her. 

        In this world, I have been a quiet baby, crying only to alert my mother of hunger or when I needed a change. It has been the same cycle for the past 5 months: sleeping, eating, change of diaper, repeat. That is, until my 'father' came home. He was on a 'mission'. At least, that's what my 'mother' said when she was talking to me one night. She didn't know I could actually understand, but I think she just uses our nightly talk as an excuse to speak to herself. Did he work in some sort of agency? I wonder...

        I was in my crib, minding my own business and staring absentmindedly at the ceiling as per usual. My 'mother' was writing something down on what looked to be a scroll. Strange, but not unusual now.

I still can't wrap my head around what happened...was I reborn? That's the only solution left. But why?

        Suddenly, the door opened and a male called out something I couldn't quite understand with my limited hearing. My 'mother' jumped up and carried me out of my crib.

Woman, couldn't you bring that guy towards me?

        Yes, I saw no need to disturb myself when I am quite incapable of moving to begin with. Wouldn't it just have been easier to bring the person towards me? If I could, I would have let out a sigh. But I was unable to and was interrupted by a sudden surprise. The man looked tired, yet when he saw me, his face instantly lit up. I am guessing this man is my 'father'. He took me in his arms and started rocking me back and forth. He smelled of both sweat and a hint of Jasmine.      

Faintly of blood.

        I took in his appearance. He had baby blue eyes and paper-white hair. Strangely, it didn't appear to be dyed, which was odd since the only people that should have natural white hair are old people. And he wasn't that old...

        Beside his strange hair predicament, he had a long nose that was hooked at the end. His eyes were crinkled, indicating that he laughed a lot, and his smile was wide and flashy, only confirming my previous statement. He was slightly tanned in color, a golden brown, the kind that didn't come from a bottle of chemicals. He wore a blue uniform with a green vest as well as a strange headband on his forehead.

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