Kitty People

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Me: Al! * Runs to Al* I found you a friend!!!!

Al: Really who?

Me: You'll see * runs off*

Meanwhile in Hetalia

Greece and Japan are talking

Me: *Runs in* Hey guys can I borrow Greece for a second? * Grabs Greece and runs off*

Meanwhile in Fullmetal Alchemist

Unicorns and rainbows are everywhere Ed in doing cartwheels in the background with a mad face Winry is floating Pinako us swimming in milk. Armstrong is dancing like a ballerina with the amazing dancing skills passed down the Armstrong line for generations. Hoenhime is dancing like a duck Trisha is being dead and dancing in the Gate with Truth and Al's body and Elsa is making snowflakes.

Me:* Runs in with Greece* What the hell?

Elsa: Runs

Everyone else in the room: Stops doing what they are doing

Me: *goes over to Al* Meet Greece he really likes cats.

Al and Greece: Start talking.

Me: Success! *High fives America* Wait how did you get here?

America: *Runs off with all of the hamburgers*

AN: I recently started watching Hetalia and I found out Greece likes cats and so I immediantly thought of Al. I also had soda and a lot of it. I drank like half of one of those 1 liter ones in like 14 minutes. And America showed up cause he could. :P

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