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Me: Edward today I will tell you a story that will help explain to why I am half insane

Ed: You don't seem like you're half insane.

Me: Pukes up rainbows owls and random people then starts having a seizure on tHe floor screaming Cake nuggets.

Ed: Okay now I think you are

me: Sitting on couch reading stuff on wattpad

Sister: walks in- Are you a cheerio? Pointing to my shirt that says Cheerios.

Me: Yes. I am also british because pip pip cheerio.

Sister: Do you look like that? Points to cheerio on shirt.

Me: No I look like this. Draws a big circle in the air with finger.

Sister: So your a doughnut?

Me: No I'm a cheerio!

Sister: But you look like a doughnut.

Me: I'm a Cheernut.

Sister: A cheernut.

Me: a cheernut.

Sister: So your a cheerio nut?

Me: No!

Sister: But you said nut.

Me: Its a mixture of cheerio and doughnut.

Sister: Sounds like your talking about nuts. You should change it.

Me: fine. I'm a Doughrio.

Sister: a Doughrio.

Me: A doughrio.

Me: An that Edward is why I am insane.

Ed: I don't want to meet your family.

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