Episode 1 - Take the Hike

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In a random field out in the middle of nowhere, twenty living objects are living out their lives without a care in the world. But with any group of people, conflict still looms among the population. One of the male contestants, a wooden red block, is talking about a particularly oppressive female contestant, who had been ordering the others around recently.

"Isn't Golf Ball bossy?" The red block, named Blocky, would begin, after hearing her, Golf Ball, barking orders at someone yet again. "I know! She is like a bossy bot." Another one of the contestants, a pink eraser, would reply, sharing much the same anger of Golf Ball as Blocky did. What he said seemed to kill the conversation entirely, as the other members of the group would just stare at Eraser as soon as he finished.

"Uhh, you know, a bossy robot?"

He'd attempt to restart the conversation by explaining what he meant, but still wouldn't get any responses.

"Well, a robot that was built to be its bossiest!" Giving up entirely, he'd simply just continue his dialog. "I'd do *anything* to get away from her. Or Flower, or Woody, or Spongy!"

As soon as Eraser continued in his speech, however, a mysterious metal object would suddenly fall out of the sky. The metal object was in the shape of a slightly elongated cube, descending at a speed which would normally cause it to break upon impact. As it continued making its way down, it would begin to speak.


Just as it landed perfectly on the ground without bouncing, however, another metal box, this time much larger, but with its dimensions being proportional to the Announcers, would suddenly fall to the ground as well. The Announcer would almost be crushed by the larger box, but would be able to hop away from the landing site before the larger box would land.

All heads would immediately turn to the scene. "Huh? What *was* that?" Eraser would immediately question. "You should totally go check it out, it appeared as soon as you stopped talking! Maybe you had something to do with it." Blocky would reply. Of course, he just wanted to get Eraser to stop talking. "Eraser, don't! You don't know what that can do to you!" Pen, another one of the members of the group, would attempt to stop Eraser before he went to the scene. "It's just a metal box. It won't probably harm anything. Relax." Eraser would continue on his way regardless>

Eraser would walk towards the larger of the metal boxes, being the more conspicuous one of the two. The metal box was mostly featureless, except for one of the sides, which was only attached to the box through hinges, clearly acting as a door. The door had the words "GD INC MULTI-PURPOSE RECOVERY CENTER" stuck onto it. It had clearly been somewhat worn out through age, but it was still readable.

Just before Eraser could get close enough to touch it, however, the door would slowly open, revealing a living object much like them. This one in particular was much more plain than the rest, only being a red triangular prism. The triangle would slowly walk out, covering his eyes to not be blinded by the sunlight, and would adjust to his surroundings first before finally addressing the people in front of him.

"Oh, sorry..." He'd begin to speak, immediately apologizing for the recent events. "I think you might've been scared by my unexpected entry. You're Eraser, aren't you?" Eraser was stunned that the triangle knew his name. He wanted to leave, or at least respond to the foreigner, but found himself incapable of doing either of those things.

"Oh, um... Yeah. That's me." Eraser would finally reply, stumbling a bit as he did so.
"Great! Then I'm in the right place." The triangles expression, which used to be of concern, would quickly change to be more neutral, knowing he was on familiar territory. "The name's Triangle. Nice to meet you! As well as all the others. I have heard of all twenty of you so much." Triangle would extend his hand out to Eraser, which would shake it reluctantly.

"Wait, how do you know that there are twenty of us?" Snowball would immediately question Triangle as soon as he and Eraser shook hands. Of course, most of those within earshot of their conversation would be rather surprised that he knew them, for they didn't know him. "Yeah! You only just got here!" Pen would add. "That's besides the point!" Triangle, now having a wide smile on his face, would just disregard the question, although they were dying to know the answer.

He'd then focus his attention back to Eraser. "Now, Eraser, I heard you wanted to get away from *them*." Triangle would point slightly to the others, but wouldn
t make it all too obvious. "Didn't you say that?" "Yeah, but how-" Eraser was about to answer, when Triangle would immediately interrupt him. "Well you're in luck! You'll be able to get away from them forever, and it won't even cost a single penny!" "Really? But how?" "Thanks to... This!"

Triangle would take a few steps away to no longer obscure the metal box which was behind him. He'd point to it with both hands to emphasize its importance. "Behold! The Multiversal Travel Machine!"

While Triangle was clearly trying to advertise it, much like how a charismatic salesman would do, the others just stared at it with blank expressions, not knowing what he was talking about.

"Uh, it's a metal box." Eraser would immediately point out. "Yeah, that's just a metal box!" Pen would add. "How is that supposed to-" "Well, it's a *special* metal box!" Triangle would interrupt once more. "It's bigger on the inside, has all the amenities of a mansion, and the greatest feature of all: It can do Multiversal travel!" "Multiversal... What, now?" Eraser, having lived in this field for his whole life, had no idea about complex concepts such as a multiverse. "Multiversal travel. You know... Travel throughout the Multiverse, and in style!" His explanation wouldn't help explain the concept to the group, who was getting more bored of this newcomer by the second.

"Yeah, but what's the point?" Eraser would ask, having not registered a single word Triangle had just said. That finally seemed to break him, however. "DON'T YOU GET IT? IT ALLOWS YOU TO TRAVEL TO DIFFERENT UNIVERSES, YOU-" Triangle was about to go on a furious tirade about how the Multiversal Travel Machine was worth gawking at, when the Announcer, having recovered from being temporarily incapacitated, would hop back to them, interrupting Triangle. "Well, clearly, you don't have a good enough prize."

All heads would then towards the Announcer, including Triangle, and they would finally get a better look at it. The Announcer was smaller than the Multiversal Travel Machine, and had half of a sphere, which was lighter in color than the rest of its 'body', which acted as a pseudo-mouth, allowing it to talk.

Triangle was immediately baffled by such a claim. "W-What? The Multiversal Travel Machine is a miracle of modern science and engineering!" Triangle had a better understanding of it, and was therefore able to make such a claim. "Y-You can't possibly-" The Announcer would immediately interrupt him again. "Really, then? Wow. Everyone must be so impressed. Ha. Ha." The Announcer was incapable of conveying sarcasm effectively with its voice, but the meaning was still understood.

The Announcer then turned to look at the group, still bored out of their minds, but was now interested by the unfolding argument.

"Now, instead of battling for that useless metal box-" "HEY! IT'S NOT USELESS!" Triangle would attempt to interrupt, but the Announcer would continue regardless. "Why not battle for something more practical?" He'd hop towards the group to focus the attention on him. As the Announcer continued, everyone else had begun gathering around them, wanting to see what was going on.

"Everybody, they're building the island of luxury. It's called Dream Island. A whole-" "I think I'll take it from here, thank you very much!" In the short time the Announcer had before completing almost an entire sentence, Triangle had pulled out a screwdriver from an invisible pocket, or something.

The Announcer was shocked and would stop elaborating, not expecting him to take over explaining Dream Island to them. "What are you-" "I bought the deed to Dream Island several minutes before I came here. You don't have ownership over it anymore! It's *my* responsibility now to manage the future of the island, thank you very much!" Triangle chuckled. "It's better of not being under your hands anyway, what with your *budget cuts*." "How did you know about those?" The Announcer was clearly getting angry, despite the tone in its voice not changing a bit. "They weren't supposed to know that. And I owned-"

Triangle would then point the screwdriver at the Announcer, and it would begin emitting a high-pitched noise, which caused everyone to cover their ears. The noise seemed to have a worse effect for the Announcer, however, and would begin to have a seizure and spew acid all over the place. Everyone that was close to the Announcer would then take several steps back.

"Alright, instead of battling over *just* the Multiversal Travel Machine, why not battle over both it *and* Dream Island?" "But what *is* Dream Island?" Eraser would ask, as there still wasn't a good explanation of it. "Dream Island is an entire square mile of paradise!" Triangle continued. "Way larger than entire countries, even. Dream Island will have a booming tourism and gambling industry, a surplus of food, automation of hard labor, and a xenophobic and exclusionary border policy!" "Exclusio-what?" Triangle had used another one of his big words again, leaving Eraser and the others baffled once again.

"He means you can decide who gets to come in and who doesn't. You know, not everyone here owns a dictionary." The Announcer had recovered from his seizure by then, and was back to arguing with Triangle. "Hey, I'm a salesman! I know how to pitch things." Triangle clearly *wasn't* a salesman. At least, he was a terrible one. "I don't even think he understood half the words you just said." "Now listen here, you little-"

Before Triangle and the Announcer got to fighting each other, however, Eraser would immediately ask yet another question. "So, umm... How much will it cost?" Both of them would then turn to Eraser, and would respond with the same answer in unison. "Not even a penny!" "Same with the Multiversal Travel Machine." Triangle would add shortly afterwards. Eraser, now more confident due to the stated price of such an enticing prize, would respond a little bit louder than usual. "Then I'll take it!" Triangle would then respond sarcastically to spite the Announcer. "Great! I'll go get the paperwork. You'll-

"But what about everybody else?" The Announcer would interrupt. "They want it too, you know." Triangle would feign surprise, as if that wasn't the plan all along. "Oh, that's right! I suppose we'll have to host a battle for it instead." Eraser would be shocked. "What? Battle? Why?" "I'm literally giving the deal of a lifetime here. Don't you think these people should have a chance of getting it as well? I know that a lot of them would want it..." Triangle would nervously look at all of the potential contestants, seemingly looking for one in particular that stood out. "Well, I wouldn't give up that island for anything!" Eraser would immediately respond. "And
neither would they." The Announcer would reply back. "Exactly!" Triangle would then interrupt the both of them, angering them in the process. "So it shall be. We shall settle this matter with a contest!" Triangle would then raise his arms up into the sky, and would suddenly freeze in place.

"Uh... What's he doing?" Pen would look at Triangle, which could be heard faintly humming a tune. "That's not important now." The Announcer would answer. "So-" Triangle would finally move again, interrupting the Announcer yet again. "I was just... Singing an intro tune, alright? I swear, it was a lot better in my head..." "What are you-" Triangle would immediately walk back to the Announcer, staring it directly in the eye, or wherever its eyes would be if it had any. "Now you listen here, and you listen good. I got here first, and I own all the prizes. I'll manage the competition from here. Got that?" The Announcer wouldn't even flinch, and not from an inability to do so. "What makes you-" "I just say so! You want the screwdriver again?" "I don't think a screwdriver will make me-"

Triangle would then point the screwdriver at the Announcer again, causing it to have a seizure yet again. As it made yet another puddle of acid on the ground, Triangle would make a running track with a length of 1 kilometer appear out of thin air on the ground, and would teleport all twenty now-contestants behind the starting line.

"Alright, delinquents- er, contestants!" Triangle would begin again. "This contest will be a race. This track is exactly 1 kilometer long. Whoever manages to do a full lap around the track first wins! Now go, or I'm gonna fire the starting pistol on you!" He'd then make said starting pistol appear on his hand, pointing it threateningly at the contestants, before aiming it up in the air and firing, signifying that the contest had begun.

Needle would immediately be the first to begin running, though only out of wanting to get away from the crowd as quickly as possible. She'd follow the track, however, because it was already there, and it was going away from the others. Firey would notice her running, and would begin catching up to her. "Hey, Needle, wait!" Firey would begin, saying several words at a time as he got closer and farther to her. "I didn't... I didn't understand what he said! What did he say?" Needle wouldn't answer him, however.

Most of the other contestants would also begin running, but almost none of them would be able to catch up to the two. As the rest began running, Triangle would look at the front-runners, seeing as they would be potential winners. While his eyes focused on the first-placers, however, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball, a female and a male contestant respectively, would begin scheming.

"TB, The hosts aren't looking at us!" She'd begin. "He's obviously looking at who's in first! That gives me an idea!" "Yeah? What is it?" Tennis Ball would respond, as if Golf Ball wasn't immediately going to tell him her plan. "Let's go back a bit. And then, when the actual first-placers are getting to where we are again, we'll start running! Triangle won't be able to determine what happened, and since they'll have less stamina than us by then, we will win easily!" "Great idea! Sounds like cheating, though." "IT ISN'T!" Golf Ball would yell a little too loud. "Well, I said so, so it isn't!" "Well, okay..." The two of them would begin walking the opposite direction from the others.

"Snowball! You're like, round and stuff!" Blocky would yell at Snowball. "You can totally roll us to the finish!" "What? No way!" Snowball would immediately respond. "My face would be filled with whatever's in that track!" "Too bad!" Blocky would jump and get on top of Snowball, and would tip him over so that he would begin rolling. Blocky would get up quickly, and would begin running in sync with his rolling speed.

"Hey! Wait up!" Pen would realize what Blocky was doing, and would begin running towards him. "Wait! Don't! More mass could-" Before he could finish, however, Pen and Eraser would also be getting on top Snowball. They'd also begin running to help in getting Snowball to roll faster, but it would end up making him slower instead, due to the added mass. As they continued rolling, they'd catch up with Woody, who was frantically running due to his fear of crowds.

"Watch out! Balsa up ahead!" Eraser would yell. Woody, hearing this, would scream louder as he realized what was hurtling towards him. Snowball would roll up Woody, causing him to sink into the snow and firmly attaching him to Snowball. "Ugh!" Snowball would immediately be angered by this development. "Now, not only are we even slower than before, we also got the wimp stuck in me! And he won't stop screaming!" Woody, as usual, would continue screaming.

They'd continue rolling along, but due to the added mass, would remain at relatively the same speed as the rest. In fact, they would actually become slower as they continued, as most of the runners got tired, causing Snowball to roll slower. As the race continued, Spongy would catch up to Flower, who was now losing my stamina. "Eww! Gross!" Flower would immediately be disgusted by Spongy. "Out of my way! I need my space!" Flower would push Spongy, causing him to the ground and not be able to continue on. "Awwwh." Spongy would groan in disappointment in his muffled voice.

Rocky would then run up to Spongy, and would use him as a trampoline, gaining considerable speed as he flew. The sudden boost in speed would cause him to feel sick, and would vomit on Flower as he continued flying. "Agh! Get it off me!" Flower would immediately use her hands to remove the vomit that got on her.

Some of the vomit would miss due to Rockys speed, however, and would form a puddle on the track ahead of Flower, who would trip and fall on it. Rocky would land on his feet and would continue along his way without a care in the world. The others would then come across the puddle. While they were running, Ice Cube, Leafy, and Bubble would end up tripping on the puddle. Bubble would pop, Ice Cube would shatter, and although Leafy would survive the initial impact, she would begin being ripped apart by the wind as she got up and ran, due to her getting soggy.

By the time the runners had reached the halfway point of the track, Needle would remain in first, with Firey at a close second. Rocky would be at a more distant third, while most the other contestants would be constantly switching places. The last-placers last place would be everyone that was on Snowball, who was still rolling ever so slowly. Golf Ball and Tennis Ball would still not have crossed over the starting line, and therefore didn't even have a place. Bubble, Flower, Ice Cube, Leafy, and Spongy were now out of the race due to being unable to continue.

As the race began nearing its end, Coiny would catch up to Teardrop. "Hey, Teardrop!" Coiny would catch Teardrops attention, but as Teardrop was the silent type, she wouldn't respond. "You won't mind if I throw you to Firey, right?" Teardrop would try to shake her head, but due to all the moving going on, it wouldn't be noticed by Coiny. "Cool! Thanks, Teardrop! Coiny would get close enough to Teardrop to pick her up, and would throw her towards Firey. She would then be carried by the wind, being relatively light compared to the other contestants and would crash-land on Firey. As Firey was made of fire, and Teardrop was made of water, Teardrop would end up putting Firey out, causing the latter to scream in agony.

Teardrop would manage to survive, but ended up losing a lot of her water. But as she had managed to remove much of her mass, that meant that she could now be carried by the wind to gain even more speed in order to keep up with Needle. She'd do so, jumping up every time the wind blew in the right direction, and Needle and Teardrop would begin alternating between first and second place. "Sweet!" Coiny would yell out. Although that meant Teardrop had a chance of winning, Coiny knew that he didn't have a chance regardless. "At least Firey won't win now." Coiny would be comfortable with losing due to that.

As Needle and Teardrop began making their way through the final few hundred meters of the track, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball would notice them as their footsteps got louder, and would notice that Triangles eyes were still on the two. "Quick! They're almost here!" Golf Ball would yell out. "Let's get running!" "Okay!" Tennis Ball would agree, and they'd begin running towards what was now the finish line.

While Needle had lost stamina throughout the race, she was still one of the fastest runners out of all the contestants, and would be able to begin closing the gap between her and the balls. Teardrop would still overtake every once in a while, though, but Needle would retake her place as soon as Teardrop landed back on the ground.

While Triangle was busy looking at the contestants, the Announcer would finally recover once again. He'd immediately hop towards Triangle, wanting to confront him immediately. "What." The Announcer would be surprised, as he saw the contestants running along the track. "What are you doing?" "Managing a competition." Triangle would immediately reply. "This was supposed to be my competition. The plan-" Triangle would immediately interrupt. "I couldn't care less about your plan. I care about mine. And my plan is far more important." It would appear Triangle had said too much, however. "What do you mean?" The Announcer would ask. Triangle would simply sigh. "...You wouldn't get it."

They'd both watch as the contest finally came to a close. Golf Ball would remain 'ahead', though not in first, with Tennis Ball being close by. Needle, the true first-placer, was just about to catch up to them, while Teardrop was also close by. By the time the three of them crossed the finish line, Needle would leap to at least try to get her hand across it before Golf Ball did. Needle would end up falling to the ground, while the two balls and Teardrop would cross the finish line normally. Needle would get up and cross it herself shortly afterwards.

"Yes! TB, we did it! We both won thanks to my forward thinking!" Golf Ball would celebrate, thinking that he had Triangle fooled. "Great!" Tennis Ball would reply. "Now, host. About Dream Island..." The two of them would turn to Triangle only to find him shaking his head at them.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." Triangle would have a disappointing frown on his face. "Did you really think I was unaware?" He'd then begin smiling again. "I have powers far beyond your comprehension, and certainly beyond your so-called *intelligence*, GB." He'd then stare directly at Golf Ball. "What? Impossible! No one in here is smarter than me!" "I can think of one person who is smarter than you, Golf Ball." Golf Ball would be shocked by this, and would angrily walk towards Triangle, continuing to stare at him as she did so. "WHO?" She would demand to know. Triangle would stay silent for a second or two, before answering with a single world with a single goal, which was to expand his ego. "Me." Triangle would then smirk, and would then shove her out of the way.

He would then focus on Tennis Ball, who was looking for a way out that wasn't blocked by other constants. "You too, Tennis Ball." Triangle would crush his hope of escaping. "You actually decided to cheat? Shameful. I thought you were supposed to be a logical thinker." Tennis Ball could barely say anything in response. "B-But, Golf Ball said..." "I don't care what she said. What she said was an opinion. This, however, is a fact. Cheating *is* cheating. I am... *most* disappointed." He'd sigh.

After making sure that the guilt had set in on the two, Triangle would redirect his attention to the actual winners. "Oh, uh... Sorry." Triangle would apologize for behaving rather inappropriately towards the contestants. "TD, Let me fix that for you before we move on." Triangle would snap his fingers, and in an instant, Teardrop was back to normal. She'd nod in approval, giving him a thumbs-up.

"Now. Needle! Teardrop! Congratulations, you two have both won!" Triangle was now back to his usual cheerful self. "What? Really?" Needle seemed to be rather confused by the development, however. "Yep! Exciting, is it not?" Triangle didn't seem to notice, however. "But... Doesn't that mean we have to share the prizes?" Teardrop would shrug. She had no idea what he was talking about either. "What? No! I thought you'd know how this goes!" Triangle clearly knew something that they didn't. The two of them would be even more confused.

"...What do you mean?" Needle would ask. "The two of you will be deciding the teams, of course! The teams for the great and long battle to win my Multiversal Travel Machine!" Triangle was just about to hum his song again, but the Announcer would interrupt yet again. "And Dream Island." "Oh, hush. That too."



Triangle would make a large rectangular concrete floor appear on the ground. The floor would be divided into two halves, each one colored in a different shade of gray. Triangle would also recover all the dead contestants, and would order Needle and Teardrop to stand on each half.

"Alright! The process is simple. Since Needle technically got part of her body across the finish line first-" He'd immediately be interrupted by Needle, who was celebrating. Although Teardrop would question Triangle, knowing that *she* was first and not Needle, but she couldn't say anything. "...She'll be picking a member for her team first. Then Teardrop will pick a member for her team, and the cycle repeats until all twenty have been picked. There'll be two teams of ten by the time this is over, assuming things go well. Got that? Great. I got business to attend to with the Announcer, so you two play nice, now." Triangle would then turn around and walk off into the still-empty fields, and the Announcer would be quick to follow him.

"I... Uh, hm... This is a troubling decision to make. I didn't actually expect to be picking teams... Hm..." Needle wasn't prepared to assume a role of leadership, and would struggle in choosing the first (technically second, but hush) member of her team. As the two hosts continued walking away, however, Triangle would pull out his screwdriver again and would point it at the contestants. It would emit yet another high-pitched noise, which wouldn't be heard by the contestants due to distance, but it would cause its desired effect on Needle.

"Oh!" Suddenly, Needle had an idea on who to pick. "I'll pick... Coiny!" "Yes! I'm so glad that I got picked first." Coiny seemed to be glad to no longer have to be in the same crowd as Firey. "Thank you, Needle!" Needle would blush a rather light shade of pink as Coiny thanked her, and he proceeded to walk to her side of the concrete floor. "What? That can't be! This is just-" Pin, yet another female contestant, would immediately voice her complaints regarding this development, only for everyone to stare at her with concern.

"Uh... Teardrop!" She'd then begin flailing her arms, hoping that Teardrop would at least register her movements. "You need a heroic leader like me! You gotta pick me to be on your team." Teardrop would then nod, and Pin would walk to her side of the floor.

"Coiny, who do we pick?" Needle would ask, now struggling again with choosing members. "Well, I'd suggest Pin, but..." Coiny couldn't even finish his sentence before they noticed Pin would staring at them angrily. "Uh... Don't you have anything in mind, Needle?" Coiny would change the topic. "I was thinking, uh... Maybe Firey..." "What? No way!" Coiny would immediately protest. "We're enemies!" "I know! That's why I didn't bring it up. So I asked you, instead." "Uh..." Coiny would also be stumped. "I don't know either. Let's just get... Uh... my friends! Yeah, that's good. Like, uh... Blocky!" "Alright." Needle would shrug, and Blocky would go to Needles team.

"Teardrop, did you hear that?" Pin would tug on Teardrops arm to get her attention. "Coiny totally hates Firey! It'd be a wise choice to definitely pick him." Pin already knew that fact, having known many things about Coiny for a long time, but she would think that Teardrop didn't know. Teardrop would nod, and Firey would go to Teardrops team.

Coiny, having completely forgotten his proposal, would immediately ask Blocky for ideas. "Blocky, we don't have any idea who to pick for our team! You got any ideas?" "Let's go get our friends! How about, uh... Eraser?" "Yeah, of course!" Eraser would then go to Needles team.

"Oh dear..." Coiny already showed *way* too much enthusiasm for being in Needles team than she'd like. "Okay, Teardrop. I think I know how we're going to pick out our members. Our team should have the proper balance of power and intelligence! We need both to survive. You know that too, right Teardrop? You probably have a lot going on in that mind of yours, that's why you don't talk..." Teardrop would nod, although she would hesitate on it. "So we already got that covered. We need strength to back that up! Let's pick Snowball." Teardrop would nod again, this time a bit more confidently, and Snowball would go to Teardrops team.

"Did you hear THAT?" Coiny would begin as soon as Snowball was on the platform. He had been eavesdropping on the other team, not having anything better to do. "They're planning for the stronger contestants to join their team! Three out of four of their team members are like, strong in some way!" Coiny would take a deep (fried) breath before continuing, having run out of air. "I think this'll evolve into a battle of sorts. Like brains versus brawn!" "Well, if that's the case... Why not Golf Ball?" Needle would ask. "What? Are you serious? Didn't you hear that she's, like, bossy?" "I mean, why not? I mean, we already have all our strength right here..." She'd point at all the contestants in quick succession, but would stop at Coiny, and then she'd smile. "Oh, hush... I don't think about it like *that*..." Coiny would blush slightly, the light pinks somewhat mixing with the orange, but would try to hide it.

"We already have enough fighting strength! Even i'm a weapon!" She'd then point to her tip. "Golf Ball is, like, the smartest out of all of us. She knows how to strategize! I mean, did you see what they did in the contest? We could definitely used that!" She'd pause for a moment to breathe. "Even if you guys hate her at the moment, we should learn to deal with her so that we can win!" "Well, I suppose you're right..." Coiny would hesitate, but would end up agreeing in the end. Golf Ball! Come over here!" "Ugh, really? Fine..." Golf Ball would be somewhat disappointed, but would go to Needles team.

"Okay, it's clear that we have to break the other teams morale if we have a shot at winning." Pin began. "They have a literal genius on their side! I think we should pick someone that would ruin members of their team. Like, uh... Pen!" Teardrop would nod, but would stop after a few moments. If she followed what Pin was saying, then why weren't they going with Tennis Ball? She wanted to question her yet again, but alas, she couldn't talk. "What? No!" Pen would immediately complain. "I don't wanna be without my pals!"
"NO! How could you, Pin?" Eraser would shout from the other team, but it was no use. Pen would, reluctantly, go to Teardrops team.

"Well, if you want me to work with you guys. I'm not gonna do it without my friend TB! I don't think I'd last a day with just you guys!" Needle would be somewhat offended by what seemed to be an insult directed at them. "Alright! Fine. Sheesh." Tennis Ball would then go to Needles team. Teardrop would watch as he went, somewhat angry at Pin, and would then tug her arm. "Dangit! I forgot about that... Sorry, Teardrop." Teardrop would shrug. "Uh... Running out of good options, here... How about Leafy? I don't think she has any sort of negative qualities. I mean..." Teardrop would shrug again, but Leafy would begin talking before Pin could finish. "Oh, thank you! I promise that we'll become super duper friends before the competition ends!" Leafy would then go to Teardrops team.

"She's right." Golf Ball would agree. "This *is* getting pretty difficult... All of them could weigh us down in some form." She'd take a deep breath. "Let's go with Ice Cube. She's somewhat sturdy, and she could take out Firey if need be." Ice Cube would then go to Needles team. "Really getting into the ugly ones, now..." Pin would react as she watched her go. "Let's go with Pencil." Pencil would then go to Teardrops team.

"UGH!" Golf Ball would shout in anger. "It's like a game of chess, except it's clear that you're losing! None of these are good!" "Maybe it's time you stop thinking about what you want, and you should think about what we *need*?" Tennis Ball would reply. "We need a member that's practical. That adds something to the team!" "Ooh! How about Rocky?" Coiny would ask. "Did you see what she did to Flower? Plus, I know how much you like smelly things, GB!" Golf Ball would, of course, be disgusted by Coinys pick. "GB! Practicality!" Tennis Ball would be quick to remind her, however. Golf Ball would sigh. "Fine. Rocky it is." Rocky would then go to Needles team.

"She's right." Pin would confess "We can no longer pick based on emotions alone, but based on their skills, and how much they could help our team! How about Flower? She's both obnoxious *and* strong!" Flower would immediately shout "HEY!" As soon as she heard.
"What? Are you serious?" Pencil would immediately reply. "We definitely have to go with Match!" "What? Why?" "Well... She's important to... Me- I mean, Our team!" "...How?" Pin would then stare at Pencil. "Uh... We... Uh... She could-" "We're getting Flower! And fine. Maybe Match as well, if they allow it. If that makes you happy." Everyone else on Teardrops team would groan in disappointment, as pretty much everyone hated Flower, and Flower would go to Teardrops team.

"Well, we have our orders!" Golf Ball would immediately shout. "Let's get Match to break Pencils spirit!" "Ugh! Like, seriously?" Match would sigh. "NO, MATCH, NO!" Pencil would cry out in anger, and would almost actually cry herself. But she'd hold back her tears. Match would then go to Needles team. "Spongy." Pin would immediately choose. "Golf Ball hates him, and he's super heavy! I'm sure we can find *some* use for that." Spongy would then go to Teardrops team.

"Well... It's only two left." Needle would stare at the two remaining contestants without a team. "Who do we go with? Bubble or Woody?" "BUBBLE!" Blocky would immediately shout. "Yeah, definitely Bubble." Coiny would agree. "...No, no. Blocky, come on. We all know how you act around Bubble. We are *not* having that." Needle would disagree, of course. "No, i'm serious! I mean, are you seriously considering *Woody*?" Blocky would defend himself. "Yeah!" Eraser would agree with Blocky as well. "Did you see what Woody has caused? He's afraid of everything! He definitely caused us to lose the race!" "Alright, alright... Bubble it is." Needle sighed. "Oh, noio..." Bubble would be rather saddened by this development, but would reluctantly go to Needles team.

"Oh no!" It became rather obvious for Pin who would be the last member of their team: the absolute worst one. "W..." But just before she began panicking, a sudden force would come to dominate her. Her vision would suddenly go dark as Woody reluctantly went to Teardrops team, and she began to hear voices in her head. "Calm down, Pin." It would say. "You could make this work." Once Woody finally made it in front of Pin, she'd simply stare at him directly in the eyes. "...Woody."

All twenty contestants were now on their respective sides on the floor, which physically separated the two teams. Some time after they had finished, the two hosts would finally return from wherever they were.

"We're back!" Triangle was still smiling, which was surprising, given how he was probably arguing with the Announcer again. "We still need to negotiate a few things, but I had a feeling that we should come back. And what do you know! The teams are assembled. Guess my hunch was right." Triangle would then take a moment to look at the teams. "Alright, so. We have..." Triangle took a deep breath before listing all the contestants on one side of the floor. "Blocky, Bubble, Coiny, Eraser, Golf Ball, Ice Cube, Match, Needle, Rocky, and Tennis Ball in one team, yes?" Needle would nod.

He'd then look at the other team. "And... We have Firey, Flower, Leafy, Pen, Pencil, Pin, Snowball, Spongy, Teardrop, and Woody on the other, yes?" Teardrop would nod as well. "Great! Now... Have you named your teams?" Both teams would then devolve into a mess of voices and arguments, as all members (besides the silent ones) of both teams would have at least several ideas for the name. Triangle would watch as this went down for several minutes, seeing it as cheap entertainment. As he watched, however, he'd notice that the sun was already in the midst of setting below the horizon. Has it already been that long? Eventually, the voices would lessen, and then stop.

"Alright, so have you decided, then?" Triangle would ask, and would then focus his attention to one of the teams. "Yep!" Golf Ball immediately answered, and would nudge Needles leg with her foot. "We've decided that since i'm sharp, and we have the two smartest people we know, we've decided to call ourselves the Sharp Minds!" Needle would then continue. "Great! Sharp Minds it is. Teardrop?" Triangle knew that Teardrop wouldn't talk, but it was worth a shot. She would end up just looking at him, confused.

"Rrrright. Anyone willing to be her representative?" "I got this idea from Coiny." Snowball would raise his arm. "He said something about our teams competing in uh... Brains versus, uh..." Snowball would think for a moment, which was a rare event. "What was it? Prawn?" "Spectacular! Team Prawn it is. After the aquatic nature of Teardrop, probably. Incredible naming." Pin would realize what had happened, and would immediately get to berating Snowball. "What? He said 'brawn' you dumb-"

"Silence!" And then everyone would go silent. "What matters is that the teams have been decided." Triangle then looked at what was now Team Sharp Minds. "We got Team Sharp Minds, of which Needles the leader..." He then looked at Team Prawn. "...and Team Prawn, of which Teardrops the leader. The two teams will be competing in order to win my Multiversal Travel Machine!" The Announcer would then make an audible coughing noise out its speaker. "Right. And Dream Island. Woohoo." Triangle would roll his eyes, but since they were entirely black, no one would see him do so.

"Anyway!" He'd continue. "Look at the time. The sun's about to set! I already have more contests in mind already, but I'll wait until tomorrow for that. You'll probably need some rest to be prepared!" He'd assume that they were exhausted from running a kilometer, since he would be exhausted from that as well. But that was only true for some contestants. "Thankfully, I can do something that can help you with that far better than the Announcer could!" "Hey, I could-" Before the Announcer could continue, however, Triangle would snap his fingers, and two wooden houses, large enough to house around ten contestants with a lot of room for each of them, would appear beside the floor. Each house only had a single door to enter and exit, which would be beside the concrete floor as well. Each one already marked with a symbol to represent each team: A brain surrounded by spikes facing outward for Team Sharp Minds, and a shrimp for Team Prawn.

Triangle would look at the houses, and then at the teams. "Everybody, get to your respective houses for the night! I'll be enforcing a strict curfew to make sure no one attempts to escape the competition. Remember what's at stake! Now, good night, all of you!" The contestants would proceed to their houses, and once they all went inside, Triangle would materialize two fences surrounding each house. Triangle would consider removing part of the fence, so that a single fence surrounded both houses, but he would decide to think about it later. For now, he had better things to think about.

"Now, 'Speakery'... About that partnership..."

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