Pt 1: Great Idea!

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I usually go by nicknames so it makes everything easier to write! Also it's in third person limited- basically I'm not a character HAHA

"WOOHOOO SLEEPOVERRR TIMEEE!!!" Noya SCREAMED to the rest his friends.

"I'm gonna regret this aren't I?" said Kageyama.

Tsuki murmured under his breathe that he already had.


"Oikawa your ideas are never great."

"Iwa channnnn why do you hurt me sooooooo," Oikawa said, plopping down on top his duffle bag exasperated.

Daichi was already stepping up to his fatherly roll, stating, "Come on Oikawa, out with it."

"We should play truth or dare! But if someone doesn't want to answer, they have to STRIP!! That way people can't just get out of it of course."

"I told you guys Shittykawa would have shitty ideas," Iwa said, unable to contain his laughter.

Noya quite literally JUMPED into the conversation by hopping on Hinata's back, "LETS DO IT!"

"YEAH LETS DO IT!!" said Tanaka, always wanting to join in on the compulsive ideas.

"YEAH!" Yamamoto just HAD to add.

"Are we sure that this is a good idea?" Suga asked while rolling out all of the sleeping bags and blankets for everyone to sleep on.

"I think it'll be fun," said Kuroo, smirking.

"I don't know guys, I'm with Suga here," added Daichi.

"Don't worry mom and dad- everything will go fineee," said Bokuto giggling.

"Mom?!" Suga exlaimed.

"Dad?!" said Daichi at the same time.

Tsuki laughed, "Aw they even know which ones they are."

"What could go wrong?" Hinata asked innocently.

Oikawa wrapped an arm around Hinata, "Exactly! What could go wrong? Nothing!!"

Everyone but Tsuki murmured in agreement that yeah, it's definitely going to go well, of course nothing could go wrong... yeaahh...

Yagamuchi eventually even convinced Tsuki that it would be fun, allowing everyone to be apart of the game.

This is where the fun begins (ah ha ha wrong fandom).

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