Story Three: Candy Cane Kiss, prt.1

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Here it is, as promised! My romantic Christmas short story, still in working progress and may not be so short after all. Enjoy-feedback very welcome :)


The following is Copyright © Kal Moss, 2010

All rights reserved.

Ann sat in the perfect comfortable position on her couch, head resting blissfully on a pillow, reading the romantic comical genius that is Meg Cabot. Occasionally her hand would snake out and grab a few peanut M&Ms from the bag that lay by her thigh. Ann couldn’t stop the smile of utter content as she popped them into her mouth and the sweet taste of chocolate mixed with her romantic satisfaction from the book. This was Ann’s heaven, a comfy spot a good book and a nice supply of her favourite chocolate to snack on. Nothing could ruin this moment Ann thought as she submerged herself deeper into the world of literature…

  “Hey Ann, you ready to go in a few? I’m just going to change into my new dress, maybe fix my hair a bit then we’ll leave! How are–”

  Charlotte Nalson, Ann’s best friend for 21 years and roommate for 5 of those years, stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her sprawled out on the couch. Ann looked up from her book, Charlotte had just come home from work and was still dressed in her stylish-very expensive looking suit, her beautiful black hair pulled back into a neat bun with her fringe hanging out. Ann took one look at her stunned expression, took note that her ‘romantic moment’ was gone and marked her place before putting her book down in preparation for the scolding that was to come.

  “Ann Jessica Freeman!” And there it is.

  “You had better have a good explanation as to why your lazy butt is not dressed and ready!”

  “Ready for what exactly?” Ann said deciding to play the dumb card.

Charlotte glowered at her, “Oh you know…the Christmas party our best friend Fran is having that we’ve helped her plan over the past few weeks…” Charlotte shook her head in a mock carefree way.

  “Oh,” Ann gave a short laugh, “That party, yeah, I’m not going.”

  Charlotte’s eyes looked about ready to burst from their sockets as they bulged in annoyance, “not…coming….?”

  Ann smiled sheepishly, “Yep.”

  “Oh no, oh no no no, you are coming with me little Miss! I refuse to leave you at home again, I mean, for goodness sake Ann you need to get out and socialise! When was the last time you went on a date, huh? When was the last time you had a boyfriend, high school?”

  Ann frowned getting up with her book and M&Ms “Oh that’s low, even for you Charlie.”

  “Well for god’s sake put yourself out there!” Charlotte screeched as she followed Ann into her bedroom.

  “Easier said than done my friend.”

  “Well then, how else do you plan on having that romance you ‘oh so desire’ then?” Charlotte sat down on the bed, Ann joined her, “Ann you know I love you but sometimes you can just be so stubborn!” she chuckled, “You can’t rely on Meg Cabot to supply you with all the romance you need in your life forever.”

  Ann smiled, “What about just for the next 5 years…”

  Charlotte laughed and nudged into her side, “Come on seriously, you have to come. If not for the sake of being social for once, just for the fact that it's one of your best friend’s parties and you’d be letting her down big time if you didn’t come.”

  Ann sighed, “Fine I’ll go.”

  “Yay! Now get ready,” Charlotte smiled getting up and walking out the door “Oh!” her head appeared from the side of the door frame. “You should wear that cute black number that you bought last week, the guys wouldn’t be able to resist you!”

  Shaking her head and smiling Ann muttered a brief “Sure.” and Charlotte’s happy little face disappeared again.

Ann turned her head towards her book and pack of M&Ms, sighing longingly but grudgingly got up to get dressed for the Christmas Party. Going with Charlotte’s advice she took out the cute black dress. It really was a gorgeous dress, strapless; it hugged Ann’s body and stopped just above the knee. As she slipped it on a small smile spread across her lips, it really was the perfect dress for a Christmas party. The red sash under her breasts also helped to display her curves while at the same time offering a little ‘festive’ cheer.

  Grinning she set to curling her long, brown hair. When satisfied she let it fall around her shoulders, not big on make-up Ann only applied red lipstick to her lips after brushing her teeth and then finally put some cute silver Christmas tree earrings in.

  “I’m ready,” she said unenthusiastically as she walked out of her room.

  Charlotte stood applying her lipstick in the hallway, finished she twisted to face Ann smiling “Come on then, let’s go!”

  Ann followed behind her admiring Charlotte’s outfit; a nice strapless green maxi dress that emphasised her tall physique, her hair was pulled back into a fancy bun and cute Christmas present earrings dangled from her ears.

  “You look great Charlie,” Ann beamed at her best friend.

  Charlotte held the door open for her grinning, “Thanks, but you’re the stunner.”

  Ann rolled her eyes, shaking her head at Charlotte, who just grinned back at her.

Charlotte closed the door behind her, walking towards her car and leaving Ann to lock it. Ann turned her key in the lock with a somewhat mixed feeling about how tonight was going to go.

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