Story Two: First Day, prt.2

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It was the night of the party and I was buzzing with excitement, the theme was a formal classy party which meant I could get away with wearing a flashy dress. I decided on a sweet dark blue dress, strapless, with some matching peep-toe heels. Leaving my hair out I pulled some of it back into a blue broach, putting in some cute sparkly silver studs (I wasn’t a fan of dangly earrings, they annoyed me to much). With my outfit done I set to make-up, making sure to brush my teeth several times before applying lipstick. A knock on the door startled me as I was giving myself a once over, he was here. Grabbing my purse as I hurried to the door I checked myself over again with a compact mirror before opening the door. There he stood, wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath, no tie. He had his hands in his pockets and resembled the men I’d seen on billboards so much that it was hard to believe he was actually there and not just a cardboard cut-out.

“You look amazing.” He said flashing me a smile and offering his hand, blushing I stepped into the hallway, locked the door and took his hand “And you look very handsome.” He gave me a cocky smile brushing my hand with his thumb lightly, it felt so nice. I internally sighed, utterly content.

We’d arrived at the party to a variety of hello’s and warm welcomes, spoken to heaps of people and in the process been split up. It wasn’t until my boss excused himself to talk with someone else that I walked to the bar and found him sitting there.

“Hey you,” I said grinning at him, he looked up his face seeming to light up-or maybe it was just my imagination, either way my heart melted “Hi, how are you liking the party?”

“It’s good, seems to be a hit.”

He nodded “Yes it does…” We sat in silence sipping at our drinks, the DJ had turned the music up and a lot of the staff where dancing.

“Want to go somewhere quieter?” he shouted over the music, my heart beat fast and I nodded, hell yeah! Taking my hand he led me through the crowd and out the back door, we came out into a dark, cold alley. If I hadn’t been with him it would have seriously freaked me out. I shivered. “Are you cold?” He asked moving closer to me, taking off his jacket and putting it around me, I felt like I was in one of those perfect movie scenes. So going with the flow, I kissed him. He seemed surprised but responded; kissing me back, my heart was beating like crazy. His arms circled around me, bringing me closer; my arms reached up and circled around his neck, his jacket falling from my shoulders-I didn’t care, neither did he. I let myself melt into him, loving the way his lips where so soft yet eager and rough, they tasted like lime, from the drink he had I assumed. Gosh I loved the way his hair felt in my hands and the feel of his hands tracing up and down my back. When we finally pulled away he moved his lips to my jaw line, kissing down my neck. I laughed lightly and he met my eyes.

“I love you.” He said abruptly.

I was shocked, I barely knew him yet I felt the yearning in my heart “I love you too.” He beamed at me picking me up and swinging me around effortlessly.


I laughed “Yes, really.” As if to finalise my point I kissed him again, we melted back into each other. We kissed for a little while longer before returning back to the party, hand in hand. No one seemed to notice his hand in mine or the way we looked at each other from time to time but perhaps that was a good thing for now. When the party did finally end Jim and I caught a taxi back to my place were he stayed the night.

It was a good party, a good night, the very start of our relationship...

I still wonder what happened to that jacket occasionally, it did look really good on him. But oh well no complaints here.


Hope you liked it, vote, comment whatever you want but feedback would be great! I listened to the song to the side when I wrote it, so I thought it was symbolic in this story :)

*Edits have been made to the ending but I'm still not entirely happy with it yet. sorry everyone!

KalMoss xx

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