Story Three: Candy Cane Kiss, prt.2

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Ann sat at a table, perched on a stool and barely paying attention to her babbling best friend and host of tonight’s party, Fran McKnight, beside her. For just a table away he sat, smiling and talking animatedly with his friends. Ann smiled as the sound of his boisterous laugh floated towards her through the bustling crowd of guests. His name was Jayce. Tall, muscular, blue eyed with brown curly hair he was the spitting image of every girl’s fantasy and especially Ann Freemans. Charlotte had conveniently forgotten to mention he’d be here tonight. She resisted the desire to sigh.

He’d been a family friends of Fran’s and spent most of his time hanging out with Fran’s brother at their home. All those years she’d swooned over him never daring enough to take the risk and ask him out, it wasn’t just the utter humiliation and awkwardness it would have caused between them if he said no, but the risk of loosing her friendship with him. Things had been good between them, still were, but no matter how hard Ann tried she couldn’t suppress her need for more. As time went on and she moved out she saw less and less of him, therefore she moved on. Yet seeing him now she felt that spark, that attraction she had before. Plus the fact that he knew very few girls and was currently single was constant torture for Ann. If only–

  “Ann? Are you listening to me?”

  Ann jumped as Fran pulled her from her thoughts “Huh, what, yeah I’m listening…”

  A frown creased Fran’s brow, “Oh really? Than what was I just talking about?”

  “Umm…” Ann bit her lip desperately thinking of an excuse.

  “Hey girls!” Ann mentally sighed with relief as David approached them “What’s going on? Having fun?”

  “No not really,” Fran shot a look at Ann, “seems my best friend finds me boring.”

  David laughed, “Fran? Boring? Never,” he grinned at her, she smiled back “besides,” he continued “Ann’s just too busy making googly eyes at my brother over there.”

  This time Fran joined in with his laughter as Ann scowled at them, “That’s not true at all!” She lied.

  Fran giggled then snorted, “Oh come on Ann, I could practically see the drool spilling out of your mouth.”

  The two spilt into fits of laughter while Ann continued to scowl at them, trying and failing to look discrete as she brushed the side of her mouth for any sign of moisture. Can never be too careful she thought as her frown deepened.

  “Oh come on Ann, its Christmas Eve! Get into the holiday cheer!” David sang grinning like an idiot as Fran controlled her giggles.

Ann couldn’t help the smile that slid across her face, now that he’d mentioned it she glanced around the room. Fran was throwing her annual Christmas Eve party on her parent’s veranda. They where spending Christmas in Hawaii and had agreed to let her host the party there. Fran had done a great job decorating the place, Ann noted. Festive decorations adorned high tables; Christmas lights hung from the ceiling and weaved through the fencing, everywhere people stood or sat talking happily and wearing something festive. Many of the guests had Santa hats on; in fact Ann thought she saw a man wearing a Santa suit earlier. No doubt Burt, Fran’s current boyfriend, he was such a character.

Ann scanned the crowd puzzled, “Hey where’s Charlie?”

  “Hmm, what?” Fran asked, pulled from her conversation with David, “Oh right  Charlotte, err I dunno somewhere in there,” she nodded her head towards the sea of people.

  “Mmm, can’t believe she ditched me…”

  “Hey!” Fran and David said in unison, Ann laughed.

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