Glossary (WIP)

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- ACDAs (Artificial-Consciousness-Development Accords)

A set of documents and agreements signed by all governments, corporations and leading scientists in 2203AD.
The main reason behind the agreements was first to prevent development of true conscious artificial intelligence and to institute a governing and supervising independent body that will ensure the prevention is enforced and that no one will ever develop such technology willingly or by mistake.

- ACDO (Artificial-Consciousness-Development Oversight) Committee

- Aeros, The

- Akoya, Cloud

The 3rd cloud station built and the capital cloud.

- ARC (Alpha Remnant Carrier)

The code name of the type of giant space ship(s) that carries a small fragment of humanity from Earth in pursuit of a new home.

- AstroGuard (The Guard)


- BRAIN, The

The governmental company in charge of the development, maintenance and supervision of all technology.

- Buifen

A game played by two couples. Each pair taking its turn passing a light ball between them using small flat bats over a rectangular court that is 3 meters by 5. The ball bounces within the court but must not hit the ground. The ball must bounce on the levels that are placed in different places and different angles within the court. Professional courts use energy based levels that have different tensions causing the ball to bounce harder and softer. The tension level is marked by the color of the energy fields. Most public courts make use of elastic material for the levels instead of the more expensive energy ones.

- Blazar X

A racing craft used by the official racing league.


- Capital Square

The main square located at the exact center of Akoya's upper level

- Capsaicins, The

A "rock" band active from 494 SC

- CIP (Conscious Intelligence Prevention)

Department in SI division of BRAIN – Its role is to ensure that no SI developed in house or by any other company intentionally or accidentally managed to become truly conscious. The department monitors and enforces the technical and if needed, legal regulations across the entire technological landscape related to machine intelligence.

- CSF (Cloud Security Force)


A commercial passenger space taxi shuttle


Divers, The

Akoya's Hardball team


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